Zoetermeer is connected to another three cities across Europe through the Startup Scaleup project. These cities are: Dublin, Cartagena and Vilnius. The organisation that ensures this connection is Crosspring Lab.

In history the Dutch were known for shipping and their international trading. Today the Dutch are still known for their international business growth and success and because they are a hub for big companies like Sonos, Netflix, Cisco and Tesla. With a strategic location, high tech infrastructure, multicultural community and international business climate the Netherlands is one of the best places to scale your company up.

In the center of the mayor Dutch cities lays Zoetermeer, the startup city of the Netherlands. With the most IT people per capita and a Mayor that was a successful entrepreneur himself, you can be sure that Zoetermeer is growing and innovating constantly. In the last year, Zoetermeer started the Innovation Park to bring new and existing companies together and create more office space for tech companies. With the Dutch Innovation Factory (DIF) in its core there are endless possibilities for doing business and bringing new ideas to life.The DIF has over 500 ICT students studying and working at different companies within the DIF.

Amsterdam (airport) and Utrecht are within 40-minute drive and The Hague and Rotterdam (airport) are only 18 minutes away. Besides endless business possibilities Zoetermeer is also known for their leisure activities. In your spare time you can go golfing, kiting, windsurfing, karting, ice skating, rafting or even snowboarding.

If you want to participate in events involving these four cities, please contact either the Coordinator of Startup Scaleup, or the partner in Zoetermeer.

Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Maurice Beckand Verwee

Project: Startup Scaleup

Partner: Crosspring Lab B.V.


Phone: +31 79 7440087

Web: crosspring.com