Welcome present at a conference on youth unemployment in Europe

Next Tuesday 23, the Welcome Project and his partners Etventure, Betahaus, SociosInversores and Tetuan Valley will serve on a panel to discuss the problematic of youth unemployment from the startups perspective, as part of the event sponsored by Friends of Spain, which will take place in Madrid. Welcome and its partners will focus on the many opportunities that the project presents to young entrepreneurs, especially in the field of tech startups.

Youth unemployment remains one of the biggest social and economic challenges for Europe and Spain which, it seems, are slowly emerging from one of the most serious economic crisis in history.

Between 22 and June 26, 2015 Friends of Spain organized in collaboration with Politikon and Con Copia a Europa a conference dedicated to the analysis of the current situation of these young people and the answers that are being given to this challenge from different areas of society as large and small German and Spanish companies, general government, Europe, political parties, unions, associations, and educational institutions.

About Welcome

Welcome is a project under Startup Europe initiative that aims to contribute to building a pan-European tech startup ecosystem. To that end, Welcome lays bridges for startups from five vibrant EU ecosystems —Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca— by connecting them with leading organisations committed to tech entrepreneurship promotion.

The project targets wannabe entrepreneurs as well as early and late stage startups with activities enabling them to grow across borders and access the right combination of finance while helping corporates find the best talent.

Project partners include Factory, Betahaus and Etventure —Berlin—; Ryan Academy —Dublin—;DPixel, Mind The Bridge, Codemotion and Starteed —Milan—; SociosInversores, Hugin&Munin and Tetuan Valley —Madrid—; Bisite Accelerator —Salamanca—.

More information at www.welcomestartup.eu