Welcome is excited to announce the 15th edition of the Tetuan Valley Startup School!



The Startup School workshops were created in order to help people to get started with their ideas. It is a good starting point if you want to develop a product and you do not know how. More information about the Tetuan Valley’s Startup School here.


Sessions will be having place on Wednesdays, starting at 19:00 and ending at 23:30. The program will consist of two parts: Mentors talk in first place and then there is Pizzas and Pitch Practice.



Applications to register into the program ended on October 10th and the program began on October 26th. The Startup School program will continue till its last session on November 30th.


This year there is no need of being accepted into the program to attend the talks – they are open to everyone for free.


These are the talks that the mentors will be giving each week:

Session 1 (October 26th) Effective Presentations

Session 2 (November 2nd) Value Proposition Tickets Here

  • Value proposition
  • Customer validation
  • Problem and solution interviews

Mentors to be confirmed

Session 3 (November 7th) Metrics Tickets Here 

Session 4 (November 16th) Product Development Tickets Here 


Hackathon (November 19th – 20th)


Session 5 (November 23rd) Legal Tickets Here 

Mentors to be confirmed

Session 6 (November 30th) Investment Tickets Here