WeHubs will support women web entrepreneurs in Europe and coordinate existing web entrepreneurs’ ecosystem to provide dedicated services to women/female webentrepreneurs. The project will create a favorable environment for women/female webentrepreneurs by linking together local fragmented ecosystem nodes and foster networking.

Value Proposition

The consortium is highly committed to foster the creation and scale-up of web startups created or co-funded by women/female webentrepreneurs, to strengthen the existing web entrepreneurs ecosystem and to support the emergence of a dynamic European community of women/female webentrepreneurs. These efforts contribute to reinforce the digital sector throughout Europe.

The project will increase the participation of women/female webentrepreneurs in web enterprise, strengthening  motivation and confidence. WeHubs will encourage and guide web entrepreneurs around Europe to support women web entrepreneurs. WeHubs will inform women/female webentrepreneurs about existing ecosystem opportunities and their benefit.


  • 80 women’s associations/network to be involved.
  • 130 organizations supporting/promoting web entrepreneurship to be involved.
  • 300 women/female webentrepreneurs involved in the project.
  • 100 women attending the WeHubs Competition for the best apps ideas developed.
  • 200 nodes connected to WeHubs network


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European Business.

Founder Institute Europe.

Media Deals.

Vilabs OE.


European Centre for Women.

Enterprising Women.