10/05/2020 6:30 pm  -  10/05/2020 9:30 pm

WaiTalk “Shaping AI For Good”

If AI is to reach its potential in serving humans and helping us solve big societal problems, there are key considerations to be addressed. Shaping trusted, safe and inclusive AI technologies and ensuring equitable access to their benefits requires new skills and approaches, and strong ethical principles. These must come together if we are to make the most of this new technology.

This Upper Austrian WAI talk will focus on the challenges and opportunities arising from AI for our society, and will address questions of social, economic and political nature, identifying ways to mitigate the dangers which may come with this new technology and opportunities to use AI as a tool to create a better future. With two expert talks and a panel discussion, we will explore how these challenges can be tackled:

● Katrin Strasser, Machine Learning Expert at Cloudflight.io: “Bias in AI – The Impact and the Learning”

● Karin Bruckmüller, Professor for Criminal Law at JKU: “When Your Car Decides – Trustworthy AI Through An Ethical and Criminal Legal Framework”


6:30 pm – Get-together at JKU Open Innovation Center, Altenbergerstr. 69 4040 Linz

7:00 pm – Welcome & Start Livestream

Julia Zukrigl, Women in AI Upper Austria

Christine Haberlander, Frauenlandesrätin OÖ

7:15 pm – Lightning Talks

Katrin Strasser: “Bias in AI – The Impact and the Learning

Karin Bruckmüller: “When Your Car Decides – Trustworthy AI Through Ethical and Criminal Legal Framework

8:00 pm – Panel discussion with the speakers and Lisa Ehrlinger, Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH)

Moderation by Katherine Munro, Data Science Ambassador at Smarter Ecommerce, and Verena Stanzl, Data Scientist at Fill.


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