Vilnius Blockchain Week: Startup Lighthouse & Soft-Landing gather blockchain startups and ecosystem builders in Lithuania

Vilnius Blockchain Week is over – what a blast! Two Startup Europe projects brought it to life: Soft-Landing and Startup Lighthouse!

The initiative brought around 40 participants to deep-dive into the city’s startup ecosystem with the main focus on understanding what part blockchain plays in it and build connections with blockchain leaders in Lithuania.

Article by Startup Division

Here is what we did:

Startup Europe Block Forum

Startup Europe Block Forum gathered the global crypto community for a 2-day conference with over 30 speakers and 350 participants. We met, shook hands and took selfies with some of the biggest names in the crypto world:

…and many more!

As it was loudly announced on stage during the TOP 20 ICOs pitch competition, “BLOCKCHAIN AND ROCK N’ ROLL, BABY!!!” These 6 words sum up our feelings after the Startup Europe Block Forum pretty accurately.

In addition to that, 3 selected blockchain startups that participated in the Soft-Landing Stay had one extra day for mentorship. They pitched their business models to a high-level mentor panel and later on had a round of one-on-one mentoring sessions during which they got insightful feedback from the mentors.

Can such a tiny country be actually rocking the blockchain world? Well…

  • Lithuania is ranking TOP in the world of ICOs thanks to extremely active and smart ICO experts.
  • A manageable size of the tight-knit blockchain community in Lithuania allows efficient experience and knowledge sharing among the members.
  • Blockchain Centre Vilnius is the Europe’s blockchain gateway to the world offering a 4000+ network and access to markets in Europe, Asia and Australia. It also organizes weekly Talk&Trade community meetups to share experience and build connections.
  • Bank of Lithuania set up a dedicated regulatory sandbox for blockchain startups and expresses exceptional support for blockchain technology.

Looking at what is happening right now, Lithuania truly aims to create a convenient regulatory and economic environment to foster the growing blockchain and ICO ecosystem.

“The flexibility and openness to adapt is something that is key here.”

– Tristan Guy, Founder at Founded Innovation Support


Besides building a leading blockchain environment in Europe, Vilnius is full of life and fun. Whether you are a dance floor rock-star, Michelin-Star level foodie or a fan of architecture – Vilnius is ready for you. Are you?

Hungry for more?

Follow the news about the upcoming Soft-Landing Missions, within and outside Europe: – you can join too! And on Twitter you can check the #SoftLandingEU missions as well.

The Startup Lighthouse Deep Dive Weeks can be seen at – new open calls for Lisbon and Berlin!

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Why are you pitching investors when you can blockchain? Article by participant of the Vilnius Blockchain Week: Tristan Guy

Sofia Esteves

EU Projects Manager at F6S.