11/07/2019 9:00 am  -  11/07/2019 9:00 pm

Untold Stories Budapest

This Autumn will witness the birth of a new startup event: Untold Stories Budapest.

A startup event by founders for founders


Unlike other startup events, Untold Stories prioritises the no nonsense approach and values quality over quantity.


Organised by people who have attended multiple networking and entrepreneurship-focused events as either special guests, speakers or general attendees, they felt there was a necessity to create something small and highly curated, which could actually meet the needs startups have.


Not everyone is looking for an investor, a future colleague or a COO. Some people may be looking for advice, the possibility to hear the diversified truth behind entrepreneurship, to be reassured that even those who are great today went through rough patches and didn’t necessarily have all the answers when faced with problems.


And this is what MY-GATEWAY wants to share with you. Stories which will mesmerise you, which will intrigue you and which will help make you stronger. These are the untold stories.


The first edition of Untold Stories will take place in Budapest, the ‘Pearl of the Danube’, on 7 November and it aims to create a community of change-makers.


Take a look at the agenda and the format of the event here.


Apply for your ticket here!

Adress: Budapest, Hungary

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