Unicorns Forum


The SE Unicorns Forum gathers a European community of “Billion-Euro” startups. This network will bring together the members of the SE Unicorns forum to share best practices, understand global web entrepreneurship trends and reflect on future models for supporting entrepreneurs.

Value Proposition

It will provide visibility to startups in Europe, will show that Europe is capable to create billion euros startups, and will provide valuable advices to public administrations.

Unicorns Forum should definitely be the ultimate place for dissemination of role models entrepreneurial advice, inspiration and leadership for the new generations.


  • 38 startups with a valuation of >€1 Bio in Europe
  • 2 meetings/year.
  • Give their opinion/provide inputs to SE.


+34 630 736 755


Secretariat Support: Gianluca Dettori as part of Startup Europe-WELCOME Project.