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WeHubs is the first European network for women web entrepreneurs!

WeHubs is the first European network for women web entrepreneurs powered by StartUp Europe Initiative! After 2 successful years, WeHubs project is coming to an end.

But, not the end of our community!

These 2 years we managed to reach:

More than 500 Women Entrepreneurs

More than 400Business Support Organisations

More than 30Women Associations + their local networks

8success stories + all those from the community


And our network keeps on growing each day. With 12nodes around Europe and 7 more in the making right now, WeHubs is THE European Community of digital female entrepreneurship supporters across Europe and beyond.


Brussels, 16 Nov. 2016 Photos : www.vivianhertz.be

Come and join our network today and help us promote female entrepreneurship in Europe!

This is just the beginning of a new era for women web entrepreneurship!

We are happy to inform you that WeHubs has been extended to seven new Hubs. WeHubs network will continue with its online community dedicated to female entrepreneurship and we’ll keep on sharing useful insights about our e-mentoring. You can check online our latest materials including the WeHubs scorecard to assess your services.

A new year, a new start!

Happy holidays!

Wish you a successful and glorious new year!


Startup Europe after 2 years!

Startup Europe has reached the two year mark. check out how our projects have been doing!

Together we have achieved some incredible things and truly boosted the European startup ecosystem, connecting people and helping startups to grow and thrive in Europe.

Highlights of Startup Europe

The Startup Europe projects have collectively connected the cities of Berlin, Madrid, Dublin, Rome, Lille, Warsaw, Brussels, Milan and many more!

An incredible +700 startups have participated in Startup Europe programmes, which have raised more than 200m€ in total.

One of Startup Europe’s strong points has been the sheer number of events that we have organised to create connections and help startups grow across Europe: over 300 events in two years.

Startup Europe Summit in Berlin, 2016
Startup Olé, Salamanca 2016


More than just conferences, the Startup Europe projects have helped startups at these events to work through their tough spots and achieve their goals. Over 115 workshops, courses, hackathons, bootcamps and training sessions have been held for startups all over Europe, supporting them in every stage of growth. In particular, we have helped startups with that well-known growing pain- learning how to pitch and epitch. Over 240 epitching support sessions were organised to give startups the training they needed and to turn that 2 minutes with an investor into a golden opportunity.

Pitching with investors at Startup Bootcamp in Rome.
Hackathon in Berlin Photo: Stefan Wieland 2015

For those startups that were ready to take the next step, the Startup Europe projects supported over 1300 pitches to business angels and corporates.

In fact, Startup Europe also organised well-thought-out matchmaking meetings between startups and investors, over 500 individual matchmakings between startups and investors all over Europe. Many were more than just boardroom conversations, in fact they were quite unique and ingenious (see WELCOME project’s meeting investors in cars post!).

Startup Europe also saw +160 startups join Startup Scaleup’s acceleration programme, in two waves of programmes.

One of the four key objectives of Startup Europe has been to help startups internationalise– and boy have we crossed oceans with you! From preparatory internationalisation sessions to giving startups the support they need to land in new ecosystems, Startup Europe has also crossed the atlantic with European startups to Silicon Valley. Two missions to Silicon Valley saw European startups travel to the USA to meet local giants like Google, get to know the ecosystem and test out the waters in the world’s most famous startup hub.

On an important note, one topic that many people are keen to see improved in Europe is the environment for women entrepreneurs. WeHubs, one of the Startup Europe projects, aimed to help women connect and gain the support and resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs, no matter where in Europe they are. WeHubs facilitated the creation of 34 women’s entrepreneur organisations, organised 20 mentors and registered over 330 female entrepreneurs.

Startup Europe also put efforts into encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs, specifically targeting students. Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U) saw it’s first year, in which more than 35 universities held entrepreneurships events for their students across 18 countries. The network is already accepting expressions of interest from Universities for next year- take a look here.

Students wait eagerly at Roma Tre

Other initiatives which Startup Europe prompted and supported are Startup Europe Comes to India, Startup Europe Week and European Maker Week.

A fair bit of research has also been conducted throughout the project, with over 25 publications being published on Europe’s startup and entrepreneurial environment.

Finally, our following on social media demonstrates the real impact of the Startup Europe initiative – 11,400 members in our Facebook community and 20,000 followers on twitter (13,000 tweets!).

CALL TO ACTION: if you have taken part in Startup Europe projects over those 2 years, make sure you fill out this Google Formselected startups will be announced during the ‘Startup Europe After 2 Years conference’ in Brussels on 2nd February 2017. Please fill out the form by 20th January 2017. For more info take a look here


Click on the image and fill out the form!

It has been a blast and we aim to keep this website updated with the most recent startup news and activities going on in Europe- keep checking our news and blog sections in the future!


1-2-1 session: “Development of innovative management system as a solution for livestock sector”


10.00 – 15.00
Development of innovative management system as a solution for livestock sector.
One of the defined problems of livestock sector is the lack of a universal management system.
The proper course of action and technological development in the livestock sector, seems to be development of innovative management system that integrates all stakeholders.
Rafał Trukan
Hipra Poland, Technical Advisor – Livestock

15.00 – 16.00
Questions & Answers

Hipra Poland, Technical Advisor – Livestock
Rafal Trukan is an expert in dealing with issues in the areas of business, and veterinary medicine. Extensive experience in planning and implementing business plans and promotional budgets, as well as the link with the environment veterinary allowed for the successful conduct many training marketing and sales techniques and tactics in the field.
As an advisor repeatedly dealt with the development and implementation of new, will be widely popular products on the market (such as Marbox, Cevaxel RTU, Pride Delta, Enzaprost, Coxevac, Hydracev, Spirovet, SYNCROSTIM, Velactis, Multishield DC, Eprecis inj.).

Tellvet (http://tellvet.net)


Join Startup Europe project TWIST for 2 free webinars in December!

Startup Europe project TWIST has organised for 2 free ePitch webinars for 12th and 13th December!

Check out these fantastic free webinars below, you can’t miss them!

  1. TWIST Digital ePitch Training12-december

    Mon, Dec 12, 2016
    4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CETPlease join the event from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  2.  TWIST Digital Webinar “Company Valuation”13-december

    Tue, Dec 13, 2016
    4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CETPlease join the event from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Take your startup to SLUSH for free (WELCOME)

Startup Europe comes to Slush

Take your startup to Slush, Helsinki with Welcome & Startup Europe

Welcome and Startup Europe have teamed up with Slush to offer an amazing opportunity to the best early stage IoT startups from Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca.

You will travel to Slush, Helsinki for 3 nights courtesy of the Welcome project and Startup Europe with 2 day tickets to the conference.

Slush is Europe’s leading startup event with over 15,000 attendees. Slush has grown from a 300-person assembly to a world-renowned event, now spreading globally. The philosophy behind Slush has remained the same: to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward.

Slush takes places on Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 2016 in Helsinki (Finland).

Speakers include:

  • Dave McClure – Founder Partner at 500 Startups
  • Steve Jurvetson – Partner at DFJ
  • Danae Ringelmann – Co-founder of Indiegogo
  • NiklasZennstrom – Co-founder of Skype &Atomico
  • Nicolas Cary – Co-founder of Blockchain

Investors at Slush include:

  • 500 startups
  • KPCB
  • Accel Partners
  • Sapphire Ventures
  • Greenoaks Capital
  • Mosaic Ventures
  • …and many more

We’re looking for the most promising early stage tech startups from Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca to attend Slush to:

  • network like crazy
  • form part of the nearly 6,000 investor–startup meetings at Slush
  • make business with corporate representatives
  • exchange ideas with like-minded founders
  • consume unchallenged level of inspiration

Apply now via f6s.com



WELCOME is a project under the Startup Europe initiative that aims to build a pan-European tech startup ecosystem. To that end, Welcome links startups from five vibrant EU ecosystems — Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca, to customers, VCs, business angels, corporates, mentors and other startups. The project targets aspiring entrepreneurs as well as early and late stage startups with activities enabling them to grow across borders and access the right combination of finance while helping corporates identify the best talents.

This competition is part of Welcome’s Europass Programme


Slush is all about startups – we help the next generation of world conquering founders forward. Europe’s leading startup and technology event, and expanding in Asia, brings together founders and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives, and media.

Held during the darkest time of the year in Helsinki, Finland, Slush has always been characterized by a unique energy and enthusiasm. At the very core of Slush is to facilitate founder and investor meetings and to build a world-wide startup community.

Slush is a student-driven non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes towards entrepreneurship. In 2015, Slush was organized in Tokyo and Beijing for the first time. In 2016, Slush is spreading to Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore.


The best seven Croatian startups to compete in the Brussels final of StartUp Europe Awards

The national edition of the Startup Europe Awards Croatia competition was held on November 15 in Rijeka, organized by the Business School PAR with the support of the Entrepreneurship Department from the City of Rijeka.

“I am proud that the Business School PAR got the opportunity to organize such an event”, said the Dean of the Business School PAR, Gordana Nikolic, adding that she considers entrepreneurship to be a skill that should be developed from a young age. The Dean also noted that it is encouraging to see so many creative young people presenting their ideas and innovations.

After a panel discussion on innovation in Croatia, the commitee announced the winners in 7 categories. All seven winning startups have qualified for the European finals of the competition that will be held in Brussels first quarter of 2017. The winners according to the categories are: Juvo Home Friend (ICT); Tinja (Energy); Studio Rebus/Meridda (Health); Braille Riddles (Social); Eter.io (Cities); Terrible Creations (Creative) and LovePranks (Tourism)

During the Croatian edition of the event in Rijeka, the audience got the chance to vote and award two startups. Hence, the audience decided to give the Grand Prix Award to the startup Juvo Home Friend, while the Startup Hero Award was given to the Braille Riddlesteam.

Dario Zoric, the StartUp Europe Awards Croatia coordinator, expressed his appreciation of all the Croatian startups that entered the competition, congratulated the winners and the quality of all startup ideas presented.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Croatia is sending top startups to Brussels, and there is no doubt that our future looks bright with young minds like these.

About StartUp Europe Awards

StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative promoted by the European Commission with the support of the Committee of the Regions and several members of the European Parliament, implemented by Finnova in collaboration with Startup Europe. It aims to create an alliance of organizations supporting entrepreneurship and innovation and at the same time to recognize the efforts of European Startups in five levels (local, county, regional, national and European) in ten categories (green, tourism, social innovation, creative industries, information and communications technology, health, energy, water, smartcities and Fintech).



Join STARTUP IS MY WAY – an exciting event for students and young entrepreneurs on December 6 in Treviso, Italy

STARTUP IS MY WAY is a free event which provides young entrepreneurs and students willing to launch their business with the great opportunity to meet mentors, investors and other key players of the European startup ecosystem.

At STARTUP IS MY WAY on December 6 students and young entrepreneurs get the chance to network with peers, and learn new skills to pursue their dream of starting their own company.

The event will be held in Treviso (Italy) and has been organized by MY-WAY – an EU funded project, which is part of the Startup Europe initiative. MY-WAY focuses on enhancing and improving the entrepreneurial impact of student organisations by connecting them with web entrepreneurship initiatives and digital business experts. The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the status quo for the benefit of Europe’s young adults who are considering to become web entrepreneurs.

At STARTUP IS MY WAY, which is the 4th Student Enterprise Conference of the MY-WAY project, you’ll meet some inspiring entrepreneurs, learn about startup success stories, innovation and startup basics. The event will be hosted by H-FARM, a digital platform set up in 2005 to help young entrepreneurs launch new initiatives, and to support the digitalization of Italian companies. H-FARM also provides high level digital education to students and professionals.

The speaker’s list of STARTUP IS MY WAY includes successful entrepreneurs and startup experts like Riccardo Donadon (H-FARM Founder), Massimo Banzi (Co-founder of Arduino) and David Trayford (Founder of The Hub). Tickets for STARTUP IS MY WAY are free, but limited.

Don’t miss this great opportunity. Register now!


Read about Startup Extremadura, regional support for startups in Spain!

  1. What is Startup Extremadura?

Startup Extremadura is the regional model for the creation and consolidation of innovative technology-based companies that have high growth potential and an impact on territorial development.

Startup Extremadura is led by the Regional Goverment of Extremadura and shared with the community, and public and private entities that provide support services for the creation and promotion of technology companies in the region of Extremadura (Spain).

The Program is open both to people with a business ideas and to early companies (until two years from their establishment), with a proposal of activity focused on the exploitation of products or services that require technology or knowledge developed from research activity or requiring an intensive use of technology.

  1. Can you tell us about your Acceleration Spaces?


Physically, the program is developed based on an infrastructure of collaborative workspaces and acceleration (crowdworking spaces) that hold the projects and the main activities of acceleration. Those spaces are distributed throughout the region and are allocated in the generating knowledge centers.

  1. What Model do you use?


Startup Extremadura offers a complete and global acceleration model, focuses on the acquisition and increase business traction for startups. Participants of the Acceleration Program will receive a individualized plan, accessing a range of high value services and the cover expenses, in accordance with each level of maturity.

The intervention model is identifyed around three different states of growth: Concrete your IDEA, Define your PRODUCT and Strengthen your MARKET.

  1. Can you tell us about the Local Community that supports Startup Extremadura?


The program is supported by a Community of local actors. This Community is composed of the main National and Regional institutions in innovation and technological entrepreneurship. Participation requires having a presence in forums and meetings, as well as effective collaboration between Members, coordinating startup-related tasks or participating in the process of evaluating projects, bringing ideas from outside the program.

The community offers technical support to startups, with all available resources in entrepreneurship affairs.

  1. Can you tell us some of the Main Results of Startup Extremadura?

After an investment of more than 5 million euros from 2014, some results can be hightlighted:

83 new busineses                                                             21 projects led by women

23 Startups CEOs under 30 years old                         35 new products and 28 new services

7 startups obtained other public funds                       14 of startups obtained private funds

12 projects are working under patents

  1. How can we get in contact?

All the information can be found here!: extremadura.openfuture.org

Contact email:


Join a free Startup Europe webinar on crowdfunding!

The webinar will be run by ECN (European Crowdfunding Network), a partner of Startup Europe project ePlus.

Learn in this webinar:

  • How does crowdfunding relate to the financial system –is it an alternative or supplement?
  • Which crowdfunding model is most suitable for my project or organization?
  • Which platform should I choose?
  • How do I proceed?
  • What are essential elements to consider before starting a crowdfunding campaign?

On 15 November 2016, 12.30-13.00 CET



Have your say in Ireland’s Startup Manifesto!

Yet another European country is developing a Startup Manifesto. On 2 November Startup Ireland published a draft version of Ireland’s proposed Startup Manifesto to facilitate public feedback.  The draft is available at www.startupireland.ie/manifesto and Startup Ireland are seeking feedback on it

Feedback must be sent to  no later than Friday 11 November in order to qualify for inclusion in the manifesto.

The groundbreaking manifesto seeks to address issues across four key pillars – access to talent, access to finance, startup supports and the general business environment.

Lorcan O’Sullivan, volunteer manifesto project coordinator with Startup Ireland, said: “Other countries have found manifestos to be very useful in driving improvements in their startup ecosystems, so we decided it was important to develop one for Ireland in order to help drive necessary changes.

“We are looking for help from the startup and scaleup community to ensure we address the right elements. We are urging people to send their feedback on the draft version to  by 11 November. Once it has been revised, we need as many people as possible to sign up to it online – the more signatures we get the more effective it will be at driving change.”

Following the period of consultation, a final manifesto will be prepared and entrepreneurs, investors and startups will be asked to endorse it online. The final manifesto will then be launched at the Startup Nations Summit in Cork on Saturday 19 November in front of international delegates and thought leaders.

The Startup Nations Summit gathers a network of startup community leaders and policymakers from around the world to help better enable high impact entrepreneurship, especially through the identification of policy levers and smart public sector driven programmes.

Startup Ireland plans to raise the findings of the manifesto with the Irish government and will deliver the completed startup manifesto to Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny.

Have your say at www.startupireland.ie/manifesto.