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Robert Reed

Birmingham UK

About this event

The first event of the year and we end it in style. Fireside chat with Robert Reed, Speaker of the Year 2018. With a unique background in hairdressing, soft communication and a deep understanding of our society a meeting with Robert will change your perspective, and it will change you.


Robert Reed (Grow house)

Robert Reed


Having recently sold a successful Voice and Data Company Robert came to be at a crossroads in his life, not necessarily needing to work but wanting to be involved and give back some of his experience and knowledge to new and developing companies who are looking to grow with the aid of financial support and business expertise.



Ofcom report: 1/3 of UK web users have tried ‘digital detox’

The UK communications regulator Ofcom has published its 2016 Communications Market report, offering an overview of the UK communications sector, including broadcast television and radio, fixed and mobile telephone, internet take-up and consumption and post.

The report shows that fifteen million UK internet users have taken on a ‘digital detox’ in an attempt to strike a healthier tech-life balance.

With talk of ‘social media fatigue’ already circulating online, this report could further suggest that web users are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of online life.

The report

According to the report, many internet users have found that their online time has had negative consequences on the rest of their life, ranging from turning up late to work, to reducing quality time spent with friends and family.

As a result of this, it seems that web users are trying to cut down the time that they spend online, and take on a ‘digital detox’.

When asked about how they had done this, a quarter had cut down the amount of time that they generally spent browsing online, and a fifth had cut down time spent on social media.

If you would like to read more about the report, you can access it here: The Communications Market Report (August 2016).

What does this mean for e-entrepreneurs?

In a world oversaturated by never-ending online content, it could be suggested that one way to make sure that your content reaches your targets in the UK, is to post less content, which is of a higher quality.

You can also look at the way in which you present your content. For example, the report showed that YouTube was the most-visited video site on mobile devices. This could suggest that, for example, video could be a popular method of receiving information for web users.

In any case, it is clear that e-entrepreneurs can make use this type of openly accessible data. In adapting their online strategies to recent online trends, they may maximize their reach and impact.

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