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StartUp Europe Awards has chosen the best six startupsfrom Luxembourg

The winners of StartUp Europe Awards Luxembourg coordinated by StartupGrindLuxembourg were chosen with the collaboration of Nyuko​, 123 GO social contest, Lux Future Lab​ and EY Innovation on December 12.

The next six startups will represent Luxembourg in the European final of StartUp Europe Awards 2016 to be held first quarterof 2017 in Brussels.

Job Today, the easy-to-use app that connects employers and jobseekers, has been awarded in the SOCIAL category.

Digicash, that allows you to pay by smartphone as simple as SMS, is the winner for FINTECH category of SEUA Luxembourg.

For WATER Category the winner is APATEQ, whichprovides oil-water separation systems for oilfield operators as well as compact wastewater treatment plants and systems for industrial wastewater.

OUNI allows customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. The first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg won for GREEN Category.

vyzVoice, the winner for ICT Category,  provides a highly secured cloud-based application infrastructure to manage your connected things.

Finally, the winner for ENERGY Category is SWIRL, a company which provides leading edge smart wind turbine solutions for grid edge and off-grid applications

Startup Europe Awards recognizes the effort of the European startups in five levels (local, county, regional, national and European) in ten categories: Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, Health, ICT, Smart Cities, Social, Tourism and Water. Each involved country will recognize the best local startups which will have the chance to compete to be awarded as the best European startups in the Final ceremony. For this reason, StartUp Europe Awards is called “The Eurovision for Startups”.

StartUp Europe Awards is promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament as Ambassadors and it is implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe


Press coverage: Irish start-up UrbanVolt recognised at prestigious Startup Europe Awards!

An Irish start-up has been named as a finalist in this year’s prestigious Startup Europe Awards.

Energy services company UrbanVolt has already been offered a national title in Ireland – and is now in line to win the overall European title.

Supported by the European Commission, the awards recognise firms who are transforming the business landscape across Europe.

“This accolade tops off an incredible year for UrbanVolt,” said CEO of UrbanVolt Kevin Maughan.

“In our first full year of business we have become the biggest lighting company in Ireland and we will save our initial customers over €20m on their lighting bills.

“With our Light as a Service model we have become the first energy efficiency service model that can truly deliver on carbon footprint reduction while remaining highly business friendly.”

The company – which was named Bank of Ireland Startup of the Year –  funds, fits and maintains LED lighting solutions for large commercial properties and shares the money saved by the business as a result.

Earlier this year UrbanVolt announced that it had signed a €30 million funding arrangement with SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund.

The overall winner of the Startup Europe Awards will be announced early next year.

Retrieved from: Independent.ie 


Startup Europe Awards chooses the best startups from Greece

The members of the SEUA Alliance,Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) and Aephoria.net, held the final national competition for StartUp Europe Awards in Greece.

The iED, an NGO promoting the entrepreneurship and supporting startups, tried to gather all the innovative startupsthrough a special platform dedicated to Greek startups (entre.gr).With a very simple registration, the startups filled in their basic information. The total submissions in the platform reached the number of 75.

At the same time the Aephoria.net, a sustainable-business education and incubation program for startup companies operating in Greece, selected through “BlueGrowth” competition two winning startups.

The Greek Jury, formed by both organisations representatives, selected on 2nd of December 2016 the five winners in five different categories. These startups will have the opportunity to represent Greece in the European Final of StartUp Europe Awards to be held first quarter 2017 in Brussels. There, an international jury will chose the best 10 startups of Europe in the called “The Eurovision for Startups”.

Winning startups of SEUA Greece

For CITIES category the winner is CityCrop, aiming at modernising and democratising farming, as key to a healthier and greener living.

Nursify, a mobile device application that connects people who need First Aid Help with volunteers trained to provide First Aid Help, was chosen as the best greek HEALTH startup.

For CREATIVE category the winner isConvert Art, the first startup upcycling company in Greece, whichmanufactures handmade products made exclusively from recycled inner tubes, tires, electrical equipment, wood and aluminium.

Hopwave, whichhelps you discover new destinations in your island hopping journeys with the use of the small boats network, was chosen for the TOURISM category of SEUA Greece.

Finally, the winner for GREEN category is Phee, a startup that uses the dead leaves of sea grass, PosidoniaOceanica, which are washed up in huge quantities along many Greek coasts, creating natural and biodegradable products.

StartUp Europe Awards is promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament as Ambassadors and it is implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe


The best seven Croatian startups to compete in the Brussels final of StartUp Europe Awards

The national edition of the Startup Europe Awards Croatia competition was held on November 15 in Rijeka, organized by the Business School PAR with the support of the Entrepreneurship Department from the City of Rijeka.

“I am proud that the Business School PAR got the opportunity to organize such an event”, said the Dean of the Business School PAR, Gordana Nikolic, adding that she considers entrepreneurship to be a skill that should be developed from a young age. The Dean also noted that it is encouraging to see so many creative young people presenting their ideas and innovations.

After a panel discussion on innovation in Croatia, the commitee announced the winners in 7 categories. All seven winning startups have qualified for the European finals of the competition that will be held in Brussels first quarter of 2017. The winners according to the categories are: Juvo Home Friend (ICT); Tinja (Energy); Studio Rebus/Meridda (Health); Braille Riddles (Social); Eter.io (Cities); Terrible Creations (Creative) and LovePranks (Tourism)

During the Croatian edition of the event in Rijeka, the audience got the chance to vote and award two startups. Hence, the audience decided to give the Grand Prix Award to the startup Juvo Home Friend, while the Startup Hero Award was given to the Braille Riddlesteam.

Dario Zoric, the StartUp Europe Awards Croatia coordinator, expressed his appreciation of all the Croatian startups that entered the competition, congratulated the winners and the quality of all startup ideas presented.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Croatia is sending top startups to Brussels, and there is no doubt that our future looks bright with young minds like these.

About StartUp Europe Awards

StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative promoted by the European Commission with the support of the Committee of the Regions and several members of the European Parliament, implemented by Finnova in collaboration with Startup Europe. It aims to create an alliance of organizations supporting entrepreneurship and innovation and at the same time to recognize the efforts of European Startups in five levels (local, county, regional, national and European) in ten categories (green, tourism, social innovation, creative industries, information and communications technology, health, energy, water, smartcities and Fintech).



DAW Conference chooses 3 startups to represent Belgium in European Final of StartUp Europe Awards 2016

  • Ozentic, Yeba Essentials and Nappytalia are the winners of the Belgium National Final of the #SEUA2016
  • DAW Conference bet on women-led startups for the StartUp Europe Awards

On September 22, during the DAW Conference closing ceremony at the European Parliament, Bogdan Ceobanu, Policy Officer at the European Commission representing Startup Europe, announced the winners of the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 for Belgium.

The jury chose “Yeba” as the winner in the Creative category, a Belgian brand which designs chic business bags for modern and active women; “Ozentic”, a startup that digitalises certificates of authenticity, as the winner of the ICT category; and “Nappytalia”, natural and local products for women’s hair, as the winner of the Social category.

In his speech, Ceobanu explained that the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 is an initiative promoted by the European Commission, with the support of Startup Europe and implemented by Finnova, whose final European ceremony will be held in the first quarter of 2017. “We aim to help European entrepreneurs to create companies, to help them to grow them bigger and recently we started to think internationally. We believe that there’s a huge global opportunity and people from everywhere in the world can have a massive impact in this world. It’s just matter of having a great idea and working on it”, Ceobanu remarked.

The jury was composed of Brian Rashid, Silicon Valley Start-Up Trainer and Motivational Speaker; Alexandra Dreschner, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at UCB (CSR); Haweya Mohammed, Co-Founder and Head of Communications at Afrobytes Paris and Jezabel Martínez-Fabregas, Expert in Strategic Communications and Political Marketing. They listened to each of the pitches carefully, asked the startups questions, and finally chose the winners of the Belgian National Final of the SEUA 2016.

Digital African Women launch the first edition of the DAW Conference to give aspiring female African tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn, engage and develop their entrepreneurial skills with immersive training, while maximizing their power and use of technology.

For two days, September 21 and 22, different activities took place in the European Parliament, such as panels with international speakers, a workshop and the Pitch Challenge. From August 8 to September 21, the startups registered took part in a 6-week online pitch training program. One of the requirements to participate was that the startup had to be led by a woman, of any background or origin. This training program was a prerequisite to take part in the final Pitch Challenge at the DAW conference on September 22, where they could present their startups in front of the jury and win the chance to be candidates in the European Final of the StartUp Europe Awards 2016.

Press Contact
Catalina Valencia


StartUp Europe Awards 2016 recognises the best Spanish startups across 9 categories – Startup Olé

  • The 9 winning startups from all over Spain are: Ecoche, WaynaBox, BeOnPrice, Human Surge, eKuore, TubEnergy, Komilibro, Apsu, and Discomon- KienMou.
  • The selected startups will represent Spain in the European finals of the StartUp Europe Awards to be held in Brussels during 2017.
  • The aim of the SEUA 2016 Awards is to highlight local successful models that serve as an example and inspiration for others, and give startups a European dimension.

On Thursday 8 September, the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 recognized 9 startups at the Startup Olé event held in Salamanca, which will go on to represent Spain in the European finals of these awards in Brussels. These startups have previously been recognized in events like ZincShower and Cultural Industries Summit, or in important calls such as H2020 SME Instrument, Climate KIC and Neotec, among others.

The startup ‘BEONPRICE’ won the ‘Startup Pitching International Fair of Entrepreneurship Startup Olé 2016’ award and will therefore represent Spain in the ICT category at SEUA2016 in Brussels. BEONPRICE specializes in Revenue Management technology solutions that help hotels to make business decisions.

BEONPRICE who won 2 awards! (ICT and Pitching!)
BEONPRICE who won 2 awards! (ICT and Pitching!)

The winning startups in Spain are, by category: Ecoche (Environment), WaynaBox (Tourism), BeOnPrice (ICTs), Human Surge (Social), eKuore (Health), TubEnergy (Energy), Komilibro (Creative Industries), Apsu (water), Discomon – KienMou (Cities).

“We want to identify successful models and replicate these across all the local startup ecosystems in Europe. We need these to inspire young people and also help local authorities to develop tailor-made programmes, support programmes and for public-private collaboration. These models will be used many times by external investors to approach local ecosystems”

Isidro Laso, Director of Startup Europe, DG Connect, European Commission.

“Startups generate innovation that improves citizens’ quality of life, social integration, as well as environment and health issues. They prove that anyone in their field can contribute to making progress by taking individual action”

Juan Manuel Revuelta, director of Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards.

StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova, in collaboration with Startup Europe, with the dual purpose of creating an alliance of institutions to support entrepreneurship and innovation and on the other hand, to reward startups across Europe for their work in nine different areas (cities, creative industries, energy, green, social innovation, tourism, ICTs, water and health), across five levels (local, provincial, regional, national and European).

The winners of the StartUp Europe Awards Spain will gain huge visibility across Europe and access to a mentoring programme in Brussels (on European funds, training, visibility, lobbying, etc.), through the Finnova Foundation and the partners of the StartUp Europe Awards, allowing them to develop their projects and make them more viable at a European level.

Press contact
Catalina Valencia
[email protected]


‘Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo’ awarded Best Spanish Public Administration at Recognition Awards (Startup Olé & StartUp Europe Awards)

This pioneering award recognizes for the first time the support of Public Administrations to entrepreneurship

• “Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo” was elected as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016 in Spain

• “Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura” was recognized as the Best Public Returning Talent Program 2016 in Spain

During the StartUp Olé closing ceremony the Recognition Awards 2016 were presented, and for the first time rewarded the most distinguished Public Administrations for their support to entrepreneurship and talent attraction in the territory. The general director for Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards, Juan Manuel Revuelta said:

“There are many prizes in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but never before had they recognized the work of the Public Administration in supporting the entrepreneurship, and we believe that should be done by the project’s will and because we believe in public – private partnerships as a means of economic development and innovation in the territories. Today is Spain, but we intend to replicate this initiative across Europe”.

The jury of “StartUp Olé & StartUp Europe Awards Recognition Awards 2016” chose “Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo” as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016, an award picked by its director Rosa Eguizábal, for their commitment in supporting employment and entrepreneurship programmes as ViaGalicia, a powerful startup accelerator of public initiative now in its fourth edition and this year there were 236 business ideas; and also for managing business incubators, economic support for seed capital and their promotion of an entrepreneurial culture.

On the other hand, “Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura” was also chosen as the Best Public Returning Talent Programme 2016, an award picked by its director Eduardo Pereira, for their programmes to attract startups, which in a very short time managed to, in coordination with Cabildo de Fuerteventura, allow technology entrepreneurs of different nationalities to develop their talent, innovation and business development in Fuerteventura, generating more than 50 jobs.

The jury also presented two secondary awards in each category: “Diputación de Castellón” and “Ayuntamiento de Logroño” as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016; and “Fundación InnDEA – Ayuntamiento de Valencia” and “Gobierno Vasco”, the Best Public Returning Talent Program 2016. The other nominees were: “Diputación de Valencia”, “SEGITTUR Emprendetur”, “Diputación de Jaén” and “Diputación de Pontevedra”.

The jury of “StartUp Olé & StartUp Europe Awards Recognition Awards 2016” was composed by Isidro Laso, Head of Sector Startup Europe of the European Commission; Montserrat Pardo, Director of International Relations of Microsoft Spain; Juan Ignacio Navas, Director of lawyer’s office Navas & Cusí; Emilio Corchado, Director of StartUp Olé and Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director for Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards.

Under the Recognition Awards 2016 the Best Media Award 2016 was also given to Juanma Romero, Director of the TV programme Emprende TVE, for his career in the communication and the dissemination of entrepreneurship, and the Best Corporate Award to Iberdrola, for its continued support to innovative initiatives.

Press Contact
Catalina Valencia

StartUp Europe Awards es una iniciativa promovida por la Comisión Europea e implementada por Finnova en colaboración con Startup Europe, con el doble propósito de crear una alianza de entidades de apoyo al emprendimiento y la innovación y por otro lado, de reconocer el duro trabajo llevado a cabo por las startups dirigidas por europeos/as y establecidas en Asia, Europa, Latinoamérica, Israel y Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Estados Unidos, en cinco niveles (local, provincial, regional, nacional y europeo), en nueve categorías (Medio Ambiente, Ciudades, Industrias Creativas, Energía, Social, Turismo, Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación, Agua y Salud).

Contacto prensa
Catalina Valencia


FACE: Failure, the road to success- true stories and tips from real entrepreneurs


Out of context that number means nothing, and it kind of feels awkward all by itself. When you look at it closely it kind of feels like a 40%, yet it still means nothing out of context. It’s not a happy number or a scary number it just is. If we add context things might change. According to the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) 39.1% of people who could and would want to startup are held back due to fear of failure. You want more context? It turns out that 39.1% is the highest number globally, even before Africa, Asia or South America. Suddenly that awkward lonely number kind of becomes scary, at least for us at FACE Entrepreneurship it is. It’s the dragon we have to slay.

FACE Entrepreneurships has had a very specific mission, to promote a risk taking attitude amongst young Europeans to overcome fear of failure and boost ICT entrepreneurship.

Since our launch at South Summit 2015 we have held 7 of our own offline events and collaborated in many others. One of the events we participate in is Startup Olé.
On September 8th, at 13.00 we will be there with 4 entrepreneurs and ecosystem players that will in a way be our “knights of the round table” sharing their personal stories on failure and success and hopefully helping us slay thedragon that is the social taboo of “fear of failure”.

What can you expect from our panel? You will hear real entrepreneurs share their struggles on their road to success. They will discuss how they overcame different challenges and the lessons learned. From an young Italian, to an investor and social entrepreneur leading “mujeres Tech” we will be able to share the different points of view and you will be able to get the insight that you need.

Learning by sharing is our game and let’s just say that we have gotten pretty good at it, but every event is a challenge that we overcome with the help of our collaborators and more importantly the attendees.
We hope to see you there on September 8th, at 13.00.
FACE Entrepreneurship, it’s worth it!


Komilibro, nominated for Creative StartUp Europe Awards Spain after receiving first prize in Cultural Industries Summit Valencia

  • The application for looking books according to interests Komilibro receives the nomination to the national Spanish final of Startup Europe Awards in the Creative category.
  • Cultural Industries Summit is member of StartUp Europe Awards Alliance and held its competition of cultural startups in the Complejo La Pechina of Valencia.
  • The Director of Creative Startup Europe Awards has presented StartUp Europe Awards, the initiative promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova.

Startup Europe Awards1


Valencia, July 4, 2016. Komilibro, the mobile application that recommends books by interests and moods, was the winner of the first prize of Cultural Industries Summit (CIS), the first forum of cultural entrepreneurship of Valencia. At this event is member of StartUp Europe Awards Alliance, Komilibro has received a direct nomination for the national final in Spain of the StartUp Europe Awards in the Creative category. Moreover, as winner of the Cultural Industries Summit, Komilibro received a cash prize of 1,000 euros, 6 months in the coworking space Wayco and mentoring to boost its project by Intermedia Fresh Thinking Agency, organizers of the Summit.

Komilibro leader, Javier Calvo, thanked StartUp Europe Awards and remarked that it is “a great opportunity for visibility for our project at European level, to access funding and other important resources”.

The director of Creative StartUp Europe Awards Nela Gomez pointed out “the effort of this project to provide a new solution that also promotes reading. We are proud to nominate Komilibro, which has over 1000 downloads and a crowdfunding campaign ended successfully. “

The second prize in the CIS has been for the startup B-SIDE CITY, a technological app for innovation in culture and leisure in cities; and the Audience Award went to Open Stage, whose audiovisual proposal considers the city as a big stage.

StartUp Europe Awards presentation on Cultural Industries Summit

Nela Gomez has presented the StartUp Europe Awards initiative, promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova in collaboration with StartUp Europe, which aims to create an alliance of startups awards organizers in Europe and on the other hand, recognize the efforts of European startups in 8 categories (environment, social innovation, information technologies and communication, energy, tourism, cities, creative industries and water), in five geographic levels (local, county, regional, national and European).

StartupEUAwards Nela

Within the Cultural Industries Summit, Nela Gomez participated in the round table “European vision of cultural industries” presenting the program that Finnova co-organizes in Brussels, “Creative StartUp Europe” and other initiatives to support cultural entrepreneurship in Europe.

The director of European Funds for Finnova, Juan Viesca, participated in the round table “Funding and cultural and social innovation” where he introduced different programs and calls for project funding, which can be for cultural initiatives such as H2020 Instrument SMEs, Erasmus + and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. “There are other programs beyond Creative Europe. For Europe, cultural projects that can help solve social challenges are among the priorities in funding, and we must take advantage of it in Spain, because otherwise the money will go to others”, concluded Viesca.



StartUp Europe Awards presented at Best Practices on energy projects energy day held in Partenalia

The general director of Foundation Finnova, Juanma Revuelta, the leader organiser of StartUp Europe Awards, presented this initiative promoted by the European Commission and implemented with the support of StartUp Europe during Energy day, an event that witnessed the exchange of Best Practices on Energy Projects held in Partenalia’s premises.

This action, which is currently in phase of development, aims at rewarding the startups across Europe and also gathering all the startups awards organisers held in Europe under the umbrella of the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance. This Alliance already counts on members such as Zincshower or Bank of Ireland StartUps Awards.



The energy day organised by Partenalia aimed at discussing the best practices for energy projects in the Horizon 2020. In the session, several project officers and project coordinators explained how to manage efficiently projects on energy.




Group picture of the speakers at the Energy Day held in the premises of Partenalia. From left to right, Nicholas Reynes, Coordinator for Partenalia Office, Ana Nava, Energy Project Officer for Finnova, Manuel Serrano, Head of New Technologies of ETRA, Jan de Pauw, Project Coordinator of Eco Power, Catherine Pinet and Raymond Charlier, coordinator and technical coordinator of Bricker project, and Juanma Revuelta, General Director for Finnova.

The projects presented in this energy day were:

The Province of Liege’s energy efficiency policy – FP7 – BRICKER: Total Renovation Strategies for Energy Reduction in Public Building Stock

NOBEL GRID Project H2020 “New Cost-efficient Business Model for flexible Smart Grids”

BESOS Project “Building Energy Decision Support Systems for Smart Cities”


NOBEL GRID is a project to which the Foundation Finnova is partner, and that will provide advanced tools and ICT services to all actors in the Smart Grid and retail electricity market in order to ensure benefits from cheaper prices, more secure and stable grids and clean electricity.

The results of the project will be tested in real conditions in five different electric cooperatives and non-profit demonstration sites in five EU members’ states:

The electric cooperative of Alginet (Spain)

The renewable energy cooperative Ecopower in Flanders (Belgium) acts as renewable generator and supplier cooperative.

The cooperative Carbon-coop in Manchester (UK).

The public DSO ASM Terni (Italy).

Meltemi eco-village (Greece).

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