Startup Ecosystem

Mapping of Europe’s Startup Ecosystem

This infographic shows some of the most noted startups in growing European hubs such as Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Manchester, Munich, Paris and Stockholm. Those relatively new hubs have been added to the map.

The following is the list of startups on the infographic and some information about them:


1) Lyst

Everyone is different.

Lyst partners with the world’s greatest designers and stores to bring fashion lovers the world of fashion in one place. Then, they create a personal shopping experience for each and every Lyst user by adding some clever technology which helps its users discover more of the fashion they love.

More info on: https://www.lyst.com/

You can follow them on: @lyst


2) RealityMine

Innovative Technology Tools For Gathering Consumer Behavior Data

RealityMine develops innovative technology solutions for collecting consumer behavior and market research data. Their data provides in-depth analytical insights into digital and real-life consumer behavior and gives a unique view of the contexts in which purchasing decisions are made.

More info on http://www.realitymine.com/

You can follow them on: @RealityMineTech


3) 26 Lights

52/2= 26

Do more with less (52 is the number of weeks per year)

Their mission is to help « start-up » and « scale-up » companies to grow in a modern way and to develop fantastic softwares. Ultra-efficient  techniques combined with sense of purpose will free you time to realize your dreams.

More info on: http://26lights.com/


4) Ticketea

Live more intensely

Self-manageble platform which simplifies the way in which events online are organized and managed, and tickets are sold. They also built a discovery-based web where they can always find relevant events, with a fast and 100% secure buying process.

More info on: https://www.ticketea.com/

You can follow them on: @ticketea


5) Dataiku

Build And Deploy. Collaboratively.

Dataiku DSS is the collaborative data science software platform that enables teams to explore, prototype, build, and deliver their own data products more efficiently.

More info on: http://www.dataiku.com/

You can follow them on: @dataiku


6) Beddit

Solve sleep without wearing anything.

Track your Sleep, Heart Rate and Breathing with Beddit, the most convenient and accurate sleep tracker.

More info on: http://www.beddit.com/

You can follow them on: @beddit


7) Fishbrain

Love Fishing More

Using Fishbrain you can track your catches, connect with anglers and get fishing intel.

More info on: http://fishbrain.com/

You can follow them on: @fishbrain


8) Delivery Hero

The easiest way to your favourite food.

Delivery Hero is an online food-ordering service operating in 33 countries. They promote delivery service in the digital age, helping their customers find their favourite foods easily and conveniently from home, work, or on the road. Through their website or via their app, they provide an overview of all the restaurants and delivery services available.

More info on: http://www.deliveryhero.com/

You can follow them on: @deliveryherocom


9) Greenhorse Games

Dedicated in building online games.

Greenhorse Games is a company dedicated in building online games.
It is comprised of a small but talented group of people that share the same passion for delivering great gaming experiences that reach and connect users all around the world.

More info on: http://www.greenhorsegames.com/


10) Tripodo

Who and what are you (including personnel and backgrounds)?

Tripodo is a platform which focuses on tailor made tours. By addressing their customers’ individual requests, they make sure they meet the users’ needs.

More info on: http://www.tripodo.de/

You can follow them on: @Tripodo