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‘Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo’ awarded Best Spanish Public Administration at Recognition Awards (Startup Olé & StartUp Europe Awards)

This pioneering award recognizes for the first time the support of Public Administrations to entrepreneurship

• “Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo” was elected as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016 in Spain

• “Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura” was recognized as the Best Public Returning Talent Program 2016 in Spain

During the StartUp Olé closing ceremony the Recognition Awards 2016 were presented, and for the first time rewarded the most distinguished Public Administrations for their support to entrepreneurship and talent attraction in the territory. The general director for Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards, Juan Manuel Revuelta said:

“There are many prizes in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but never before had they recognized the work of the Public Administration in supporting the entrepreneurship, and we believe that should be done by the project’s will and because we believe in public – private partnerships as a means of economic development and innovation in the territories. Today is Spain, but we intend to replicate this initiative across Europe”.

The jury of “StartUp Olé & StartUp Europe Awards Recognition Awards 2016” chose “Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo” as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016, an award picked by its director Rosa Eguizábal, for their commitment in supporting employment and entrepreneurship programmes as ViaGalicia, a powerful startup accelerator of public initiative now in its fourth edition and this year there were 236 business ideas; and also for managing business incubators, economic support for seed capital and their promotion of an entrepreneurial culture.

On the other hand, “Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura” was also chosen as the Best Public Returning Talent Programme 2016, an award picked by its director Eduardo Pereira, for their programmes to attract startups, which in a very short time managed to, in coordination with Cabildo de Fuerteventura, allow technology entrepreneurs of different nationalities to develop their talent, innovation and business development in Fuerteventura, generating more than 50 jobs.

The jury also presented two secondary awards in each category: “Diputación de Castellón” and “Ayuntamiento de Logroño” as the Best Public Administration for Startups 2016; and “Fundación InnDEA – Ayuntamiento de Valencia” and “Gobierno Vasco”, the Best Public Returning Talent Program 2016. The other nominees were: “Diputación de Valencia”, “SEGITTUR Emprendetur”, “Diputación de Jaén” and “Diputación de Pontevedra”.

The jury of “StartUp Olé & StartUp Europe Awards Recognition Awards 2016” was composed by Isidro Laso, Head of Sector Startup Europe of the European Commission; Montserrat Pardo, Director of International Relations of Microsoft Spain; Juan Ignacio Navas, Director of lawyer’s office Navas & Cusí; Emilio Corchado, Director of StartUp Olé and Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director for Finnova and StartUp Europe Awards.

Under the Recognition Awards 2016 the Best Media Award 2016 was also given to Juanma Romero, Director of the TV programme Emprende TVE, for his career in the communication and the dissemination of entrepreneurship, and the Best Corporate Award to Iberdrola, for its continued support to innovative initiatives.

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