European Commission tender

New European Commission tender: “Europe’s digital agenda meets Silicon Valley”

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders for a service contract to organise “Europe’s digital agenda meets Silicon Valley” with a total price that cannot exceed 150 000 Euros (SMART-2016/1008)

The two specific objectives of the contract are:

a) The organisation (in the US, Silicon Valley area) of a high profile event on the topic of digital Europe, focused on the digital economy, tech startups, digital innovation and digitisation, involving high level policy makers and business representatives from Europe and the US. The event will include side events and meetings connecting European participants with EU expatriates on-site, as well as recognised representatives of corporates, investors, universities and policy makers in Silicon Valley.

b) To establish a sustainable European expat entrepreneurship board which would include key European successful tech entrepreneurs and investors on-site (in the Silicon Valley area, USA). The Entrepreneurship board should be limited in size (around 20 persons), but should be open to new, relevant, membership over time. The entrepreneurship board would play the role of a networking platform, linking Silicon Valley to EU policy makers.

Official Journal reference: 2016/S 180-322104

For additional information and relevant documentation please refer to the announcement on the eTendering website.