More tickets released for SEA2Y conference (Startup Europe After 2 Years) in Brussels, 2nd Feb

Startup Europe – Discover it’s impact and learn about the future initiatives

SEA2Y (Startup Europe After 2 Years) conference to be held in Brussels has just released more tickets.

The conference will have the participation of all the Startup Europe projects, including those which connect ecosystems (Welcome, ePlus, Twist, Startup Scaleup, Digistart), experts from the field and those that work within the startup world across Europe.

The event will have the following objectives:

Learn about what we know about the European startup ecosystems
Discover what we have achieved with Startup Europe projects
Understand the progress on startup and scaleup policies
Engage with future projects and plans
Connect with the Startup Europe network

Morning: Startup Europe Data + Impact
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
Afternoon: Future: Horizon 2020 ICT32 call & Network

To attend the conference, please sign up on the eventbrite: Startup Europe – Impact, Data, Program, Future


Project DIGISTART – An overview


The project DIGISTART is supporting European-Wide digital ecosystems through a set of coordinated activities targeting Lisbon and Malmo. It also harnesses the capabilities of the F6S for providing online support to startups. The Lisbon Ecosystem is supported by UNIDEMI and BETA-i. UNIDEMI, A research centre at the Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologies, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, initiated activities to provide greater access to the innovation ecosystem for students. That includes early stage mentorship, awareness creation, launching of the Startup Forum, a formal Entrepreneurship Course and an online MOOC. During the project, some research work has been done that can provide greater insights on how Innovation Ecosystems have benefitted Startups. Moreover, DIGISTART collaborated with other European funded project (eg. MY-WAY, Scaleup, LIFE, Welcome) to enable individuals/university students and startups to connect as well as support and benefit from the dynamic circulation of European ecosystems for web entrepreneurs.

One of the primary objectives of DIGISTART project has been bring a culture of Entrepreneurship into the University. Entrepreneurial activity within the University is being seen as a key indicator of the University’s Ranking. A dynamic and vibrant entrepreneurial culture creates students that are confident to face the new economy which is based on niche, nimble and agile startups. DIGISTART helped students to identify their excitement and provide them some kind of coaching support which help them look clearly at the bigger picture.

DIGISTART collaborated in organizingtwiceFCT entrepreneurship courses with 1000 students, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The course was designed to train aspiring students from all backgrounds. It has now become an annual event. This course was designed to help students evaluate the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Students learned about themselves, their decisions, and their goals to determine how entrepreneurship can play a role in their lives.

Secondly,a course lasting a full academic semester with 3 ECTS was conducted twice by UNIDEMI called Digital Business Ecosystems. It covered in depth understanding of how the Internet is transforming business rules,companies and collaborative networks, understanding digital business models, understanding how to develop digital business and Internet-based Startups, and finally understandinghow to finance and manage a digital business.

The project organized many interesting workshops and training sessions. Bringing Entrepreneurship Culture to the Universities was a successful example of international workshop organized at October 2015 at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.This workshop was designed to get together a set of speakers with a wide range of experiences to discuss best practices, challenge solutions and bring in inspirational examples on how to nurture entrepreneurship culture at universities. Across the world, Universities are turning to the challenge of not only providing high quality education for tomorrow’s workforce, research and development to enhance knowledge, but also imparting the entrepreneurship skills vital for the empowering students to create their own startups. The workshop was targeted primarily to researchers, educators, university professors, and students.

DIGISTART and MY-WAY joined efforts to create We Start Lisbon, the European conference for students and young web entrepreneur held at October 2016 at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. n exciting and quite interactive event which set out to inspire and teach students regarding entrepreneurship.



Overall, during the project 5 courses were conducted and more than 2000 students benefited from the courses. 8 training sessions happened. 2 conferences and 3 workshops were organized. Many networking activities, meet-ups, business development sessions happened. Around 140 startups were mentored and facilitated during the project activities. 5 Master theses completed and 2 scientific papers already published.


We Start Lisbon: an entrepreneurship event for students in Lisbon!

We Start Lisbon was a fun, interactive student entrepreneur event held at Universidade Nova in Lisbon, run by a number of collaborating partners in the European startup world. 

On 21st October 2016, students interested in entrepreneurship gathered at Universidade Nova in Lisbon for a day of inspiring talks, and a fun interactive treasure hunt & pitching game with prizes.

stand-1-we-start-lisbon-my-way-digistart-startup-europe stand-2-we-start-lisbon-my-way-digistart-startup-europe

We Start Lisbon was organized as part of the first ever SEC2U (Startup Europe Comes to Universities) week, a cross-border initiative that aims to showcase the commitment of European universities to create a culture of entrepreneurship.

In the same week as 35 universities across 17 countries held events on entrepreneurship, We Start Lisbon was held at Universidade Nova in Lisbon on 21st October.

Opening #WeStartLisbon!


The event opened with high energy and some inspiration from two of the co-organizers, MY-WAY and Digistart. Everyone was excited abut using the day to share fresh ideas, break the ice and make meaningful connections (even if the students didn’t yet have a startup idea!).


The very exciting treasure hunt and pitching game was organised for the students by Charlotte and Francesca of Hugin&Munin, the communications agency in Madrid that manages the communications for Startup Europe.

Over 100 multi-coloured triangle shaped boxes were hidden all over the auditorium and event space, from which the students had to collect minutes to pitch their idea live online on Periscope and twitter, as well as find a special number to maybe win a prize!

The winners of the pitches would then get the chance to go on stage to pitch at the end of the event, giving them loads of visibility!

The morning: local advice, product development, facing failure and treasure hunts!


The first panel was made up of a group of young speakers from organizations NACUE, AEGEE, MIT/MBA, Barlan Ent Club and YES. Holly Knower, Pablo Hernandez, Manuel Countiho, Julia Tshuva, and Maria Logotheti discussed the startup activities available in their local ecosystems: UK, Greece, Spain , Portugal and Israel.

We start Lisbon 2106

Next up was a workshop on Product Development with Matt Kuppers from Startup Manufactory, in which the audience shared their ideas with Matt on their potential products, as well as asking questions on problems that they had encountered during development.

We start Lisbon 2106

At the coffee break the teams of young entrepreneurs and student startups started presenting themselves to Hugin&Munin to do their pitch! This group were a team of 4 studying at the Universidade Nova, who had an idea on how solve traffic accidents!

We start Lisbon 2106

After everyone had enjoyed their coffee boost, the next workshop was very inspiring. Miha Matilevski talked about his experience of failing and how to beat the depression and anxiety that comes with it. He explained that we should reconceptualise failure as a learning experience. If we are failing, we are learning.

We start Lisbon 2106

Next up was a panel with on how universities can promote startups, with Matt Kuppers (Startup Manufactory), Prof Andres Iborra (UPCT), Prof Diego Caceres (UPCT), Prof Mariana Pita (Aveiro Uni), Prof Manuel Laranja (ISEG) and Prof João Paulo Crespo (Vice-Rector NOVA).

We start Lisbon 2106

At lunch the treasure hunt game continued with Hugin&Munin, with students looking for triangle boxes in their lunch packs! Here we can see Portuguese startup Wishmood, a drinks app to order drinks wherever you are.

We start Lisbon 2106

We start Lisbon 2106

We start Lisbon 2106

There were also more pitches: on slow fashion and travel, and new mobile technologies!

The afternoon: workshops, PR, internationalisation and prizes!

We start Lisbon 2106

We start Lisbon 2106 We start Lisbon 2106 We start Lisbon 2106After lunch the students were then wowed with a workshop by the highly energetic David Trayford (Founder-thehub.hu, team Project Coach at Singularity University), on how to pitch to investors. There was no time for a lull after lunch, as he snapped everyone into focus and put everyone into groups to come up with some pitching ideas on the spot!

We start Lisbon 2106

Promotion for startups was discussed next by Thomas Ohr, who gave pointers on how to contact journalists with a press release, and then spoke to Miguel Alpoim Ruas (Doctor Spin PR/ Special Projects Startup Lisboa) on how to work with PR agencies.

We start Lisbon 2106Internationalisation was the next topic presented by Micael Gustaffson, who spoke about his experiences of going to Asia and the US, and talked with two very different startups, Mark Bastiaanssen (Pakketmail) and Lourenço Jardim de Oliveira (Linehealth)!

We start Lisbon 2106

Finally, we had the panel ‘how to go from idea to business: help from ecosystem actors’, with Edite Cruz (Beta-i), Davis Gouveia (Start up Lisbon/ Uniarea) and Diana Pati (Startups.be), rounding off the event nicely!

We start Lisbon 2106We start Lisbon 2106We start Lisbon 2106

At the end of the event, the final winners of the pitches were announced by Hugin&Munin!

The winning students startups had ideas to solve traffic accidents, on slow fashion and travel, a drinks delivery service, and technology services for companies. One of the prizes included copies of the book Startup Guide Lisbon, a book full of case-studies and tips on the Lisbon startup scene.


We start Lisbon 2106 We start Lisbon 2106

Overall the event was an inspiring homage to the student entrepreneur and startup scene in Lisbon. Not only did it give the students the opportunity to connect with new people and listen to the advice of startup leaders, but it also gave them the opportunity to try their hand at their first pitch!


We Start Lisbon

MY-WAY in partnership with Digistart

Event Language: English

A day filled with exciting activities, inspiring speakers and a job fair for your skills. Sounds fun?

Join us in Lisbon, the next global entrepreneurial Hub and begin your entrepreneurial journey.

In this one day action packed event we bring together experienced Startup Leaders and Speakers from across Europe to share their inspiring stories.


The Official Launch of the Startup Europe ‘One Stop Shop’ in Brussels

Last week we officially launched the One Stop Shop in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

The One Stop Shop has been growing with speed over the last few months and it was time to officially launch it into the world with a special event.

In case you didn’t know , the One Stop Shop is a single point for startups to access all the information they need to grow and thrive: find investment and support, attend events, search for open calls, find out about legal rules and connect with other startup players.

startup europe one stop shop

At an event held by Digital Europe, we presented the One Stop Shop, and explained how to use it with an interactive presentation.

This event followed the DIPP (Digital in Practice) format by Digital Europe, which is a type of event that delves into digital best practice and cutting-edge technology.

startup europe one stop shop launch brussels

The interactive presentation involved showing the audience how to easy it is to use the website.

The Power of the One Stop Shop

Over the last two months we have seen over 30,000 visitors, hailing from all over Europe and beyond. This works out at around 500 different visitors a day.

Our main visitor countries at the moment are the USA, Germany and France.

The website offers a powerful platform to allow startup players to connect and grow across Europe.

Discussion and questions

The panelists at the event were:

startup europe one stop shop

Each of the speakers spoke about their experience of the startup world and how they had used the Startup Europe One Stop Shop. For example, Stewart McTavish spoke about how having one single point online saves time for startups when they are looking for key information.

startup europe one stop shop

There were also a series of questions about the functionality of the One Stop Shop, including on the registration process for the Startup Europe Map, and what the One Stop Shop offers female entrepreneurs.

To see more pictures from the event, go to the Digital Europe’s Facebook album.

startup europe one stop shop


We Start Lisbon – The European conference for students and young web entrepreneurs!

After two successful editions of MY-WAY’s Student Enterprise Conference, the StartupEurope projects DIGISTART and MY-WAY joined efforts to create We Start Lisbon, theEuropean conference for students and young web entrepreneurs.

The one-day event is part of the Startup Europe comes to Universities week and will be held in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa,Portugal on the 21st of October, 2016.

MY-WAY and DIGISTART are EU funded projects which are part of the Startup Europe initiative. Whereas MY-WAY focuses on enhancing and improving the role of student organisations, connecting them with web entrepreneurship initiatives and web/business experts for the benefit of young adults across Europe; DIGISTART’s focus is to provide an Europe-wide web entrepreneurship ecosystem by connecting two local ecosystems (Lisbon and Malmö) in order to help university students to develop business analytical tools for digital startups.

The projects joined forces to create “We Start Lisbon” – an event which will serve as a unique opportunity and meeting point for young entrepreneurs and students willing to launch their business to meet investors, mentors and other key players of the European startup ecosystem, network with peers, and learn new skills to pursue their dream. The event will also host a little job fair, which will connect students and young professionals with promising startups that are currently hiring. A great opportunity to join a fast growing tech company and learn about web entrepreneurship first-hand.

If you want to know more about social entrepreneurship, product development,copywriting, how to pitch investors, how to build a business network, how to raise funding and how to get the attention of the local and international media,then this event is for you!

At “We start Lisbon” you’ll also meet some inspiring female entrepreneurs, learn about how and when to think about internationalisation and get valuable entrepreneurship advice on how to learn from failure.

Register now and become a part of the European web entrepreneurship ecosystem. The event “We start Lisbon” is for free, so don’t hesitate and secure your ticket now!

If you’re a startup founder and currently aiming to grow your team, make sureto contact the “We Start Lisbon” organizers in order to take part in the little jobfair, which is going to take place during the conference. A link to the contact form can be found on the event’s Eventbrite page.

Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U), which “We Start Lisbon” is part of, is a Europe-wide initiative which engages many European Universities and enables them to exhibit their effort with spreading entrepreneurial culture. TheSEC2U week is going to take place from 17th to 21st of October 2016.