Stockholm is connected to three other cities across Europe, Rome; Lille and Warsaw, through the TWIST Digital project, under the Startup Europe umbrella. The organizations involved in the TWIST Digital Project are Springfellow International and Moretime (Stockholm), Lazio Innova and LUISS EnLabs (Rome), EuraTechnologies (Lille)  Media Deals (Berlin) and Fundacja Neo Media and META Polska (Warsaw).

Long after the Vikings conquered the civilized world, Stockholm has started conquering the startup and entrepreneurship scene in Europe and worldwide. Being the biggest entrepreneurial hotspot in Scandinavia, it comes as no surprise that some of the most successful startups and entrepreneurs have started straight from Stockholm.

Stockholm is one of the most booming entrepreneurial cities in Europe and the tech industry finds it really easy to find talent and potential in Sweden’s capital.

Around Stockholm, startup hubs, activities, spaces and accelerators are now emerging, matching innovative companies with big industries’ need for innovation and new talents.

The Stockholm ecosystem inside the TWIST Digital project is formed by Springfellow International and Moretime.

Facts and figures:

  • $330 million invested in Stockholm startups in 2013 + 60% from 2012
  • Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2,5bn in 2014
  • Blizzard just bought King for $6,5bn
  • Sweden has 33% of the world’s over $1bn exits
  • 22,000 tech companies
  • 30 incubators, co-working spaces and accelerators
  • 850 active startups
  • Notable Swedish founded companies: Skype, MySQL, Klarna, MojangDice, King, Spotify, Soundcloud

Stockholm – General facts and figures:

  • Stockholm is the Capital city of Sweden, a country with 9,59 million inhabitants.
  • Stockholm has a population of 789,024, being the biggest city in Sweden.

If you want to participate at events involving or organized by these four cities, please contact the Coordinator of TWIST Digital, or any of the project’s eight partners.

Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Lars Iversen

Project: Twist

Partner: Springfellow


Phone: +46 7333 00 363