Startup Europe Week: become a local organiser in your region!

Startup Europe’s next big event is Startup Europe Week, a bottom up movement that aims to set up a meetup in every single region of Europe to inform startups about the available support and resources both at local and EU level.

To make Startup Europe Week (SEW) a reality, we need your involvement.

Our goal is to bring together as many regions as possible. To help us on this venture, SEW has the valuable support from Startup Europe and the EU Committee of the Regions. Our goal with Startup Europe Week is to bring together entrepreneurs and regions, closing a gap that is very unique in Europe – the importance of local / regional support in new business creation. To make this a reality we need local champions able to mobilise the most relevant actors of their local ecosystem. We want startups to be informed and able to tap all the resources available.

A typical meetup within SEW will be:

  • Focused on the regional/local level: giving information on what local or ecosystem players can do for entrepreneurs locally;
  • Based on a hands-on approach: the format and the information presented should be as pragmatic as possible;
  • A great occasion to network and obtain information local entrepreneurs cannot get from browsing online.

As a Startup Europe Week local Leader, you will reap benefits, such as:

  • High-level exposure and publicity with both local authorities and the European Commission team;
  • Official endorsement for your meetup by the Startup Europe and the European Commission team;
  • Working along the Startup Europe initiative and utilising this well-known label for your promotional activities;
  • Your profile will be featured at the Startup Europe Week official website and all social channels.

Moreover, the European Commission and the EU Committee of the Regions will fully support your endeavours, for example by providing you with all marketing and dissemination materials, as well as with an easier access to local authorities.

Currently, we have more than 30 regions involved, such as Paris, Milan and Tallin. Check the map on the official website: team up with the organisers in your city or region; or, if this is not covered yet, you may be the next SEW local Leader!

Help us support startups all over Europe.

If you want to become the SEW organiser of your region, please apply to the official website.

We hope to welcome you aboard this exciting initiative and remain available for any further information.