Startup Europe Village will host a matchmaking event at NET Futures 2016

On April 20th and 21st of April, Net Futures 2016 will be hosting in Startup Europe Village a Matching Event in Brussels, Belgium organised by Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), with the support of FIWARE and Microsoft Bizspark ecosystem where selected startups will have a chance to meet and network one-on-one with corporates.

On the first day of the event, approx. 25 startups selected from across Europe (including the most promising companies from FIWARE) will get a chance to have one-on-one closed door meetings with renowned corporates that are part of the SEP open innovation platform like Microsoft, Enel, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Unipol, BBVA, SKY, Cisco, Virgin, and Daimler.

Day two will consist of an open panel discussion which will be moderated by Mind the Bridge Chairman, Alberto Onetti. It will also involve senior execs and provide insights about opportunities and issues, giving startups a unique opportunity to interact and collaborate with large corporations. Following the panel, SEP will be presenting some recent data regarding the status of the European startup and scale-up ecosystem.

The Startup Europe Partnership is a platform where the best startups meet the best corporates, with a goal: to make things happen, whether that means procurement (corporates buy products and services from startups), strategic investments and eventually acquisition/acqui-hires.

Take a look at the detailed programme:

About Startup Europe Partnership
Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), which is an open innovation platform launched by the European Commission, is managed by Mind the Bridge and its goal is to initiate qualified connections between top European scale-ups and medium and large corporations in order to foster commercial and strategic partnerships.

FIWARE is an open platform that comprises both Open Source technology and a vibrant and innovative community. It is a whole ecosystem where entrepreneurs, industry, developers and cities can join in to capture the opportunities that are emerging with the new wave of digitalization. This ecosystem is growing, and has recently welcomed the FIWARE Foundation.
FIWARE open standards are now entering the market, creating a new generation of smarter applications and services, faster and at a lower cost. The Foundation will ensure the long-term evolution of FIWARE and its availability for users, for free and forever.

About Microsoft BizSpark

Microsoft BizSpark empowers start-ups by providing them with software development tools and cloud services free of charge. Through BizSpark, Microsoft also helps start-ups build connections with key industry players and investors, supporting entrepreneurs to kick-start and scale-up their business.

About Startup Europe

Startup Europe (SE) is an initiative supported by the European Commission that aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU. SE works towards getting entrepreneurs more connected within the European ecosystem, where talent, investment and learning can be captured easily. SE believes that the growth of Europe will be determined by savvy startups, and wants to encourage this development.