Startup Europe in the press: “From startup to unicorn. Scaling up with Startup Europe Club One Stop Shop”

On 6 October, Start Up Europe launched formally the One-Stop Shop for Startups. DIGITALEUROPE joined the celebration of this milestone by hosting a special DiPP workshop on this theme.

The essence of the debate was provided by the enclosed presentation. Currently the website attracts 12,000 visitors per month, gathers easily to sort information for instance on EU funding and support opportunities. Questions were asked about how user-friendly this tool is, also about how easily it will lend itself to helping startuppers address their next challenge, i.e. scaling up.

Indeed, all executives on the panel agreed that for lack of an ability to grow as per the market’s demand, the likely alternative is to give up control to interested buyers. It is worth noting that the main drivers of growth were sitting around the table: venture-capital, institutional funding, regulation (Commission), joining forces (trade associations).

Due to time constraints, not all the answers were given on the spot or with the granularity made possible by a private consultation. The link below will correct the course:

Another European Commission’s initiative Startup Europe University Network – a network of universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurial perspective was often mentioned. More about it can be found at:

In a nutshell, this session echoes the workshop held on 27 September: while the Commission cannot do everything right as part of a multi-stakeholder process (draft consumer and copyright laws were quoted as main regulatory roadblocks) they are very good at providing strong, effective support when free to craft their own devices.

Click here to check the presentation delivered by Charlotte Tucker on ‘The EU One Stop Shop’

Pictures of the event are available here.

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From startup to unicorn. Scaling up with Startup Europe Club One Stop Shop