Startup Europe at Noah Conference

Next November 12th and 13th London will host the annual NOAH Conference, a gathering for internet industry leaders and Startup Europe will be represented by its leader, Isidro Laso.

The NOAH Conference provides a platform for leaders of the digital economy to meet and interact. The target audience spans from entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, networkers to leading industry journalists.

Isidro will be on the main stage talking about how startups can connect with other players and how they can discover resources available across Europe, he will also show how it´s being the European startups scene performing so far and describing the reasons of it, but even more important he will share some advises to improve the entire ecosystem.

So don´t miss this opportunity to know Startup Europe and get connected with a big European network.

About Startup Europe

Startup Europe is a European Commission initiative that aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU.

Uniting European startup ecosystems is its value proposition. Some of its concrete activities are:

  • Connecting startup ecosystems throughout Europe.
  • Bridging the gap between investors, corporates and startups.
  • Creating a bottom-up movement across Europe.
  • Giving voice to startups to influence new policies (capital markets union, digital single market).
  • Celebrating entrepreneurship.

More information at @StartUpEU