Value Proposition

The SEC2R event will mark the launch of this new network that shall gather all EU regions actively engaged in promotion of startups and entrepreneurship and interested to cooperate and develop joint actions with other regions for this purpose.

The network shall provide a framework for dialogue, collaboration and exchange of good practice to the 16 ecosystems already involved in Startup Europe and the 15 regions distinguished with the EER (Europe Entrepreneurial Regions) awards of the Committee of Regions, as well as all other regions committed in scaling up their startups to a European scale.

The network will be supported by a dedicated secretariat provided by the ePlus Ecosystem project and based in Brussels.


The new package of Cohesion funds (European Structural and Investment Funds, ESIF) has 350 billion euros for regional development, to be managed by Regional Authorities across Europe. The new article 70º of ESIF regulation states that up to 15% of these funds (i.e. up to 45 billion in total) can be in spent in operations located outside a programme area, and this opens an exciting new opportunities for a region, or regions, to support the expansion and international operations of its companies and in particular startups. It becomes possible e.g. for regions to associate to create and fund connected ecosystems that facilitate the nurture and growth of high-tech startups, as recommended in the CoR Opinion paper from October 2014.

There are clearly both an opportunity and the means to exploit it that calls for a more proactive and networked attitude from EU regions, and in particularly those already engaged in the promotion of startups.

The new “EU Network of Startup Friendly Regions” will provide a vehicle for exploring this opportunity.


The organization model, mission, rationale and initial activities of the new network will be discussed in presence of the European Commission at the SEC2R event, hosted by the Committee of Regions.

If your region is interested in this network, please register to participate at this event following the link below.

Eurico Neves
Coordinator of the ePlus ecosystem project
Tel: +351 22 9397130