Rome is connected to three other cities across Europe, Stockholm; Lille and Warsaw, through the TWIST Digital project, under the Startup Europe umbrella. Rome is represented by two relevant organizations in the local ecosystem: Lazio Innova, regional development agency of Lazio region  and LUISS EnLabs, one of the most known accelerator in Italy.

As the old saying goes “all roads lead to Rome” and this is still true today, as most startups in Italy are oriented to succeeding firstly in Rome, and then to scale up European-wide and globally. Rome is the most important centre for startups in Italy, offering entrepreneurs and investor the chance to build new companies from the ground up and to connect with one another, in order to build a powerful ecosystem for developing new businesses.

The Rome startup scene has seen a significant progression in the last years, mostly driven by the new opportunities connected with the boom in the mobile application sector. Being a solid ICT/creative industries and aerospace Italian hub, Rome has an incredible potential to exploit links to hubs across the EU and worldwide.

Adding its bi-millennial history and traditions, Rome has a lot to offer both to the new emerging industries, as well as to the old traditional business models who want to adapt to the current modern times we live in today.

 Facts and figures:

  • 7 Accelerators and incubators
  • 29 Co-working spaces
  • 6 Fab-labs
  • 4 Institutional investors
  • 3 Crowdfunding platforms
  • 316 Innovative startups
  • 24 Startups funded by Lazio Innova

Rome – General facts and figures:

  • Rome is the Capital city of Italy, a country with 60,795,612 inhabitants.
  • Rome has a population of 4,447,881 and its metropolitan area covers 3,340.41sq km.

If you want to participate at events involving or organized by these four cities, please contact the Coordinator of TWIST Digital, or any of the project’s eight partners.

Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Michela Michilli

Project: Twist

Partner: Lazio Innova


Phone: +39 06 60.51.6333