Public consultation on the EU Blue Card and the EU’s labour migration policies

European Commission is launching a public consultation to get feedback for the new migration policies to attract highly skilled individuals, including a revision of the EU Blue Card.

The aim of the consultation is to collect opinions on a range of issues related to economic migration with a view to contribute to the elaboration of a new European policy on legal migration and a review of the so-called “Blue Card” Directive. This is one of the priorities included in the European Agenda on Migration, adopted by the Commission on 13 May 2015. This new policy on legal migration should help the EU address specific skills shortages and become a more attractive destination for talented workers and entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in Europe. In addition, the specific section on the EU Blue Card intends to gather opinions on how the shortcomings of this scheme can best be addressed, and how it can be made more effective and attractive. 

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