STARTUP3 aims at connecting the European deep-tech innovation players (UPTAKE) to facilitate the go-to-market of high value disruptive solutions. In this sense, the project consists in an acceleration programme based on three selection phases (UPGRADE). From the 25 winners of the STARTUP3 Open Call, 10 promising startups have been selected to enter the 2nd acceleration phase that started in October 2020. The final goal is the startup-coporate/investor matchmaking that will be operated in the final phase of the programme (UPSCALE).

That’s why in parallel are being involved corporations, investors, RTOs, and other startup support organisations, in the mentoring and B2B activities, to generate business opportunities and help the startups adapt their technologies to the market reality.

The STARTUP3 startups are playing in various technology sectors such as AI, IoT, robotics, earth Observation, cybersecurity, biotech, and in industry sectors such as agritech/foodtech, healthcare, retail, and newspace.

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Latest events

B-Hub Discovery Tour
10/06/2021 8:00 am  -  11/03/2021 9:00 pm

Infoshare Conference 2021
10/14/2021 8:00 am  -  10/15/2021 9:00 pm