Media Motor Europe


MediaMotorEurope: Development of deep tech solutions targeting the market have the potential to help EU’s media and creative industry to become an even stronger sector. MediaMotorEurope (MME) will boost solutions that can address challenges. Its goal is to nurture high-potential European deep tech innovators, solving today┬┤s most prominent media industry challenges and support them in building the media solutions of tomorrow such as misinformation, accessibility, user interfaces and use of data. A large focus will be on deep tech solutions, such as AI and machine learning, and their potential application in the domain of media and creative industries.


De Vlaamse Radio En Televisieomroeporganisatie Nv (BE)

Media City Bergen AS (NO)

Thermi Anonymi Etaireia Technologias Kainotomias Erevnas Anaptyxis Viotechnias Kai Viomichanias (EL)

Athens Technology Center Anonymi Biomichaniki Emporiki Kai Techniki Etaireia Efarmogon Ypsilis Technologias (EL)

Klaster Sofia Grad Na Znanieto (BG)

Golden Monarque Scr Sa (PT)

F6s Network Limited (IE)

Latest events

Info Day DIGITAL Europe Programme Advanced Digital Skills
12/01/2021 9:30 am  -  12/01/2021 12:30 pm

X-Europe – Space Online Summit
11/10/2021 10:00 am  -  11/11/2021 3:30 pm