XCEL open call for hospitality and retail startups

A unique accelerator programme for start-ups in hospitality and retail technology

Field: Field: Hospitality, Retail

Xcel is the first-of-its kind program specifically designed for tech start-ups in the hospitality and retail sectors who are looking to scale, expand into a new geography, or into a new industry. The programme is built on years’ of collaborating with startups, corporates and independent businesses.

Unlock access to incremental sales opportunities, and a global network; the Xcel scaleup programme is based on years of experience, and is the the first of its kind to make your company enterprise-ready.  Continuous recruitment, focus on business development, access to METRO, and its partner network are all key components to delivering incremental value to the leading startups of the hospitality- and retailtech industries.

Find out more and apply at https://www.metroxcel.com/

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