Second Bio4Comp Open Innovation Award

Have you got new ideas to advance the field of parallel computing with biological agents?

Field: Parallel Computing; Biological Agents; Biocomputation

The second Bio4Comp Open Innovation Award (€5,000) is looking for novel ideas to conceptually or technically advance the field of parallel computing with biological agents in a substantial manner. This challenge is about Design and Visualization of NBC Algorithms.

The competition is asking for either: 

  1. New algorithmic problems that can be realised with NBC including new NP complete problems or other difficult problems that have the potential to be efficiently solved (efficiency in time or energy) using NBC and the suggested designs of the networks; 
  2. Visualisation methods and code that can help study the behaviour of NBC designs or demonstrate to a non-expert audience the ideas behind NBC.

Any scientist, student or professional who is interested in the field of biocomputation and is not employed by partner institutions of Bio4Camp can apply. Each person can receive an award once. 

You can find out more information and apply here

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