Media Motor Europe Second Open Call

Calling all deeptech innovators with solutions for the media sector

Field: Field: Deeptech, AI, Media

Are you a deeptech innovator with solutions for the media and creative industries? Apply by the 30th October for MediaMotorEurope second open call!

This round, MediaMotorEurope (MME) will support a minimum of 60 startups /  scaleups as core beneficiaries throughout a 2-year timeline. Recipient benefits include:

  • Dedicated coaching to support upscaling the business and soft-landing to new markets
  • Tailored support and guidance to the startups’ needs and challenges, improving skills in areas such as product-market fit, growth hacking, product development, pitching readiness, sales, etc.
  • Matchmaking with media and creative corporations and public procurement support
  • Meetings and networking opportunities with investors
  • Pitching and showcasing at major media events, such as Slush, Digital Media Days and New Radio Day
  • The chance to win tickets to relevant international conferences of high impact
  • Vouchers of up to EUR 600 to support travel costs to events.

Find out more and apply at

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