Maritime ClimAccelerator

Supported by EIT Climate-KIC

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The Maritime ClimAccelerator, supported by EIT Climate-KIC, through its vast network of collaborators, will offer participating start-ups funding, training, peer to peer coaching and theme-specific mentoring (both virtually and in-person). 30-40 start-ups will be accepted per year and will be asked to provide innovative solutions for the transition to sustainability of the maritime industry, both locally and globally, and will be given the opportunity to present their ideas in front of investors, port authorities and shipping companies. The Maritime ClimAccelerator will thus provide start-ups with a unique opportunity to test, demonstrate and validate their solution.


Our mission is to develop high impact start-ups which will deliver breakthrough solutions to the maritime industry across the pillars of sustainability, supporting them in their transition to Climate Neutrality.


If you get selected, it means we believe in your idea! We want to support you in scaling it up and reaching the market. For this reason, the Maritime ClimAccelerator, supported by EIT Climate-KIC, will provide funds of up to €20,000 to participating startups depending on maturity level. Promising startups will get the chance to attract further funds through our vast network of investors, collaborators, and relevant industry players.


The Maritime ClimAccelerator is a mentorship-based programme. We are interested in developing high impact startups which will deliver breakthrough solutions to the maritime industry. Hence, we will not only invest money in your idea, but we will provide everything needed to accelerate your startup’s success. The successful applicants will be instantly connected to our multidisciplinary network of mentors drawn from external maritime experts and from our in-house consortium partners (academia and research). Candidates will receive training, coaching, and tailored mentoring (both virtually and in-person) with the aim of accelerating their idea towards commercialisation.

Equipment and Infrastructure

One of the most significant challenges maritime startups face is testing and developing their solutions in real conditions. The Maritime ClimAccelerator has been designed to help selected startups to overcome these challenges. We will help successful applicants to demonstrate the feasibility of their idea in maritime conditions by providing access, both locally and globally, to our vast network of collaborators and their infrastructure (i.e. ports), equipment, machinery and other assets (laboratories) as well as human resources (i.e. IT developers).

For more information, click here and apply by 8th July.

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