FED4FIRE+ Open Call

Do you want to stage big experiments in Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning?

Field: Cloud; Big Data; Machine Learning.

Fed4Fire+ is the largest Federation of Next Generation Testbed Facilities for experimentation, and has supported more than 100 experiements from SMEs, industry, academia and research organisations.

This new call is a proposal for a maximum of 2 experiments in the area of “Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning”, with specific reference to existing products and services which are tested, implemented or optimised on the Fed4Fire+ Testbeds.

The maximum experimenter funding per experiment is €95,000 with €5,000 of Testbed patron funding per experiment also available.

The deadlines for this call are:

  • Feasibility check – 18th February 2020
  • Final deadline – 25th of February 2020

More information here.

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