Preparing for future high-impact pandemics

Field: Pandemic; Innovation

Eureka, a publicly-funded intergovernmental network aims to enhance European competitiveness by fostering innovation-driven entrepreneurship, between small and large industries, research institutes and universities.


Eureka is holding an open call for solutions geared towards managing the next pandemic and participants are invited to submit research and innovation project proposals aiming to provide solutions and preparedness for highly contagious human infectious disease pandemics which inflict a high impact on society.


These solutions can include (but are not limited to):

  • Technologies enabling local resilience or self-sufficiency
  • Medical intervention robotics
  • Infection prevention and protection
  • Prevention of antibiotic resistance
  • Sanitation technology
  • Diagnostics and testing
  • Therapeutics, vaccines and medicines
  • Medical intervention robotics
  • Disease-tracking technology
  • Smart technologies for critical production and supply chains under lockdown
  • Education technologies and digital workplace
  • Govtech/Open data and Big Data


The deadline for this call is 15th July and eligibility criteria and the application link can be found here.

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