Call for Solutions: Tech against Disinformation

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Field: tech, digital, entrepreneurship

This call for solutions seeks technology-based innovative solutions that help to optimise, speed up, and automate verification processes (fact-checking) in any of the following phases:

– Traceability of the source of information. Identification of actors, vectors, and channels that facilitate fake news going viral.

Scope of the solutions

Solutions can focus on aspects such as:

– Image processing techniques to detect manipulated multimedia content (eg shallow fakes and deep fakes).

– Multilingual systems to automate the identification of verifiable content in speeches, social networks, and the media.

– Early detection systems for targeted campaigns. Including the identification of messages, actors, and channels involved.

– AI algorithms capable of autonomously generating verifying facts using data from official sources.

– Verifying bots for citizenship. Conversational systems connected to databases of official fact-checkers.

– Monitoring of media, social networks, and texting applications. Identification of threads, conversations, or publications that should be verified.

– Verifying identified content, data, and information.
a. Contrast the information against already published and verified facts.
b. Generate new fact-checks from official data.

– Disseminating verified facts to block the spread of falsehoods. The solutions must have a level of technological development equal to or greater than TRL 5 (Technology Readiness Level), and their implementation must be viable, both technically and economically. The winning solutions will be piloted in the context of fact-checking in Spain. In addition, those solutions with a great scalability potential will be valued positively.

Find out more and apply by 9th July here.

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