The European Commission has launched a pilot programme to achieve full digital language literacy

Field: Europe; Digital

The EU’s linguistic landscape consists of 24 official languages, 60 regional and minority languages, as well as the languages of immigrants and important international trade partners.


Several studies and resolutions have found a striking imbalance in terms of digital language technologies. Only a few languages, like English, French and Spanish, are well supported in the digital domain, while more than 20 official languages as well as many more regional and minority languages are considered to be in danger of digital extinction.


The European Commission has published a call for innovators and organisations taking advantage of European human language technologies that have the potential to overcome this linguistic divide in the digital sphere. To unleash their full potential, this pilot project will develop a strategic research, innovation and implementation agenda with a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030.


The objective of this pilot project is to draw up a sustainable, evidence-based strategic research agenda and roadmap setting out actions, processes, tools and actors to achieve full digital language equality of all languages used within the Union through the effective use of language technologies.


The deadline for applications is 29th June 2020. For eligibility criteria and to apply, click here.

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