05-5-2020, 11:17


Yeti Snow Technology has successfully introduced its new innovative robotic snowploughs designed to enhance snow clearance in airports. As a result, the startup is attracting attention from investors and recently secured a large tender to manufacture the robotic snowploughs to Swedish airport operator Swedavia.  


Yeti Snow Technology, owned by Øveraasen As, Semcon Devotek AS and Husqvarna Group, a global manufacturer of grass-cutting equipment whose products include robotic lawnmowers.


This innovation was developed because Nordic winters often present a challenge to air traffic control as runways are covered in snow. Given this fact, in 2016, Avinor, a Norwegian airport operator, initiated a pre-commercial procurement so as to find solutions to optimise snow clearing operations at the airport keeping in mind financial implications, safety, efficiency and environmental impact. In response, Yeti Snow Technology came up with its driverless snowplough.


In 2018, Avinor tested a full-scale prototype of the Yeti robotics vehicle and the technology it uses and in 2019, the final solution was tested on a larger scale in Norwegian airports. It was the first project in the world where autonomous vehicles were handling the vital task of keeping the runways free of snow.


The Yeti snowploughs have the potential to reduce costs both operationally and through less delays for passengers. In addition, it is more efficient as it can clear an area of 357,500m² in an hour and significantly reduces CO2 emissions while meeting the high standards of safety, prevision and reliability that are required at airports.



Earlier this year, Øveraasen and Swedavia signed a framework agreement for the delivery of the next generation Yeti snow removal machines at Sweden’s ten largest airports. The machines will be equipped with the latest technology for advanced driving assistance and automated driving.


Read more about the technology developed by Yeti Snow Technology on their website.

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