04-21-2020, 13:28


TechForCare is an open-source support platform built to tackle the current health crisis. Jointly developed by the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (I-RIM) and Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, the project is a direct response to the urgent need of healthcare workers saving lives during this pandemic.

TechForCare aims to offer solid solutions that can be replicated in a variety of local situations to address the problems in the healthcare system that need to be promptly resolved. The platform will host a variety of resources, technologies, smart machines and robots to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic and mitigate its effects on the healthcare industry.

Accessibility of the solutions developed is key and as such the projects will be accessible to everyone including operators, research centres, makers, developers, engineers and professors. They will be able to upload projects and the platform will then match them with producers and FabLabs in the various areas to create prototypes then print and produce them.

There are currently several scalable solutions available on the TechForCare website. They include:

Anyone with ideas that can help the healthcare industry during the COVID-19 crisis is encouraged to pitch their ideas by writing to mailto:[email protected].

More information on TechForCare can be found here.

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