10-7-2019, 18:22

Stable coins debate at Convergence

Bitcoin has been credited with catalysing a revolution in money. But high volatility has kept it and other cryptocurrencies from catching on as a means of payment. Stable coins, whether private ones like Facebook’s Libra or central-bank issued national cryptocurrencies, could solve this problem. But Libra has raised concerns among policy makers, and CBDCs (as central bank cryptocurrencies are known) are as yet untested. While there is great potential, there are also many unknowns.


Convergence is pleased to have the Libra foundation, the ECB, other major central banks and global regulators joining them to take a close look at the promises and perils of stable coins. It is sure to be one of the most highly watched debates in blockchain this year.


Convergence is also proud to announce over 30 new speakers from around the world, among them policy makers, politicians and practitioners:

View the speaker list online (updated continuously). Or, if you’re intested in joining the Convergence conference as a startup, register for the Global Blockchain Challenge and address challenges around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with your solutions.

Julie Maupin Convergence

“At INATBA our goal is to offer those developing and those using DLT a global forum to interact with regulators and policy makers and so bring blockchain technology to the next level. For three days in November, Convergence will be providing just such a forum. Our organisation is delighted to be leading the effort to bring this very special gathering to life on behalf of our over 150 members as well as the global blockchain community. We encourage everyone involved or interested in blockchain to take advantage of this unique opportunity to have their voice heard.” Julie Maupin Chair of the Board of Directors of INATBA, Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs at IOTA Foundation

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