Join the Global Blockchain Challenge!


If you like solving problems in a cross-disciplinary way, then you’ll want to come to Málaga on 11 November and take part in the Global Blockchain Challenge.


This is an open innovation initiative to bring together developers, regulators and business people to address challenges around the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and deliver impactful, cross-disciplinary blockchain-based solutions.


Teams of three people will be formed with three different profiles (tech, business and legal) and with backgrounds coming from private sector, academia and entrepreneurship.


Thanks to this cross-disciplinary approach, we hope and expect to have exciting, innovative but also well thought-through and practical solutions that take into account a broad range of conditions and viewpoints, and that are implementable in the short- to mid-term.


Information on how to participate and attend the Global Blockchain Challenge is available on the website.


And while you are in Malaga, participate in Convergence – the first truly global blockchain conference, bringing together the worldwide blockchain community for an intense dialogue with regulators, policy makers, industry influencers and members of the social impact community.


Attendees will enjoy a number of unique opportunities not available at any other blockchain gathering. These include:

The conference will have a broad remit, exploring the convergence of blockchain with other technologies, with business, with the legal and regulatory landscape, and with society in general and the social good.


See you in Malaga!

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