Call for tenders: Deep tech investment support programme


A call for tender has been released to develop and operate an investment support programme for the first dedicated, EU-wide investment fund focused on innovative deep tech startups and companies. In particular the programme will carry out activities aimed at supporting the further development and adoption of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in Europe (reference: SMART 2019/0083).


The development of foundational technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and their convergence with other key technologies like IoT is going to accelerate the digital transformation of industry and services. They will provide new opportunities to innovate, create new ventures and invest in technologies and applications that will deeply change existing business models. The support programme will be critical for the successful implementation of the first EU-wide Deep Tech Investment Fund specifically focused on the development and acceleration of artificial intelligence, blockchain, distributed ledger technologies and the convergence of these technologies.


As part of this investment support programme, the European Commission is aiming to:

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 18/11/2019 16:00

More information here.

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