08-26-2019, 13:33

Call for proposals for the European Startup and Scaleup Ecosystem Graph

The European Commission is launching this call for proposals for the provision of services aiming to facilitate the management and development of the European startups and scaleups ecosystem graph. More specifically, it refers to the study and configuration of a dynamic data aggregation, visualisation and analysis platform.


This initiative will provide a better understanding of what is happening locally in various hubs, for example assessing strengths and weaknesses, and yearly growth, and measure their overall contribution to generating socio-economic welfare.



The objective of this pilot project is to investigate the growth potential of various startup and scaleup ecosystems, in a dynamic way, based on socio-economic data gathered through effective and reliable data collecting and processing methods. All this information will be gathered and made accessible to the public through a user-friendly online platform that will map and link key connections for numerous parameters that make up the startup and scaleup ecosystems, notably deep-tech hubs, by specialisation and competence.



Expected results:


The action will be implemented by way of a call for proposals with a maximum aid intensity of 90% of the total eligible costs of the project(s).


Further information about the call is available in the documents available here.


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