MY-WAY aims at enhancing and improving the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship initiatives (hubs, projects, accelerator networks, contests, etc.), web/business experts (accelerators, mentors, etc.), educational actors (business teachers and trainers) and the young adults as the final beneficiaries (through student networks and student entrepreneurship centres).

Value Proposition

MY-WAY will create synergies and find ways to embed flexible services based on the existing best practices to be sustained by the student support centres in any European country at low cost. The social network of young adults across Europe will enable a wide spread of information, discovery of synergies and linkages between the actors and their services.

The active engagement of student support centres and connecting them with business networks within the web entrepreneurship ecosystem and its activities will strengthen the ecosystem and will also increase the visibility and impact of the web entrepreneurship initiatives and services. A network of student support centres will act as multipliers and successfully represent the targeted young adults.


  • Two stakeholder discussions.
  • Four action plans in four countries for the sustainable enhancement and harmonisation of the support offered by the student enterprise centres and networks for targeted young adults.
  • Three Student Enterprise Conferences.
  • At least four signed agreements between student support centres and web entrepreneurship support providers in different European countries.
  • At least 2 European student networks will be involved and 10 student entrepreneurship centres.
  • Running the European Disruptors’ Network’s Secretariat.




My-Way Project

My-Way Project



Capital Enterprise.

H-Farm Italia.



Bar-Ilan University.

Sabanci University.

EUCLID Network.


Menlo Media.

Europa Media.