05/14/2021 11:00 am  -  04/14/2021 12:00 pm

Music & Audio tech – Experience sharing across the value chain

Today, music and technology go hand-by-hand. Technology is behind every stage across the music & audio content value chain, namely production, delivery, distribution, and consumption. But how tech-based business models match the needs of music & audio stakeholders? What are the challenges faced by labels & publishers? What about those of creators, producers and the audiences? We will try to discover it through sharing of experience gained from the market.


The webinar will explore how technology solutions serve needs across the music and audio value chain. Starting from the composition/ production stage and up to audience consumption stage, the webinar hosts experts who share market experience. This experience sharing is put on the perspective of the technology supply side to content producers and creators, the perspective of the delivery side as well as the perspective of service provision to both the delivery side and the consumer. All this experience wrapped around the major distribution channel of music & audio content which is streaming.

We are going to hear about aspects with respect to High Power Computing and how its harvesting could make content creation easier and faster, deep-tech to the service of audio production, how AI can contribute to musical content’s IP rights management and AI for musical content discoverability and the “filter bubble” phenomenon. On top, we will hear about strategic tech & product trends, scaleup experiences and lessons learned on behalf of successful emerging actors of today’s music & audio industry.

The Inspiration Journey on “Music & Audio tech – Experience sharing across the Value chain” brings together a panel of experts possessing hands-on experience in both the technology and the business global arenas who will share market insights in their expertise fields.

The webinar is hosted by THERMI GROUP – THERMI Business Incubator, the major innovation hub of Northern Greece, with the kind support of ORFIUM. It is part of a series of Inspiration journeys to startups and scaleups held in the framework of activities of the EU funded MediaMotorEurope project.

MediaMotorEurope supports startups and scaleups applying deep-tech to develop the media solutions of tomorrow.

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