This network aims at Fostering Web Talent in Europe by encouraging the use of Massive Open Online Courses focused on web skills by establishing creation of a network of universities and business schools in Europe interested in developing MOOCs for web talent.

Value Proposition

Participants in the network benefit from the exchange of experiences and best practices, opportunities for networking, news updates, and the chance to participate in a conference to take place every year. The 2014 conference was back to back to Slush. In addition, the network offers a discussion group that can be found on the European Commission’s portal Open Education Europa: link.


  • 58 network members from 17 different European countries.
  • 2 Business Schools
  • 6 Polytechnic Universities
  • 23 MOOC providers
  • 8 MOOC platforms.
  • 1 study to charting the landscape in terms of demand and supply


+34 968 338 940


Secretariat Support: Andrés Iborra as part of Startup-Scaleup Project.