Lille is connected to three other cities across Europe, Rome, Stockholm and Warsaw, through the TWIST Digital project, under the Startup Europe umbrella. The organizations involved in the TWIST Digital Project are EuraTechnologies (Lille), Media Deals (Berlin), Springfellow International and Moretime (Stockholm), Lazio Innova and LUISS EnLabs (Rome) and Fundacja Neo Media and META Polska (Warsaw).

Lille is labelized as a leading French Tech city, and that’s happening for a good reason. Being at the same time an academic centre as well as an entrepreneurial hub for young people, the number of new and fresh startups based on the digital industry has increased constantly throughout the last few years.

The Lille Region plays a key role in driving economic growth in Northern France and Europe through digital economy. The multifaceted metropolis has a taste for experimentation and is inventing, with digital industry, daily living and the economy of the future.

Facts and figures:

For Lille Urban Area (European Metropolis of Lille – MEL):

  • 7 Universities
  • 30 Colleges
  • 300 labs
  • 160k students

For EuraTechnologies:

  • 5 offices worldwide
  • 140+ Startups
  • 3000 Job openings
  • $55M fundraising

Lille – General facts and figures:

  • Lille is a city located in Northern of France, in the Nord-Pas de Calais region
  • The city of Lille has a population of more 228.000 inhabitants, and the entire urban area almost 1.2 million inhabitants

If you want to participate at events involving or organized by these four cities, please contact the Coordinator of TWIST Digital, or any of the project’s eight partners.


Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Pierre- Yves Aubert

Project: Twist

Partner: Euratechnologies


Phone: +33(0)359083238