The LIFE project is about collaborative learning from failure in entrepreneurship and collaborative actions to bring entrepreneurship forward. It aims to overcome distributed markets and decentralized policy by providing access to pan-European case stories, talent & relevant expertise, to sufficient financing and to adequate facilities & networks.

Value Proposition

Hinged on a yearly Failing Forward conference, the project will:

  • map out and provide access to all the relevant stakeholders and programs,
  • identify, share and discuss best practices & success stories, built on incremental learning,
  • grow awareness that failure is an inherent part of the entrepreneurial & innovation process

In addition, the project will host the EU tech journalism forum, inviting journalists and PR experts across Europe to meet and discuss.


  • Failing Forward conference (Brussels): yearly.
  • Failing Forward events (local): min. 1 / partner.
  • EU tech journalist forum: min. 2 / year.
  • Searchable overview/map of available startup support in partner regions.
  • Recommendation for startup supporting actors and policy makers to tackle remaining obstacles leading to elevated failure rate.


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FACE Entrepreneurship (Failure Aversion Change in Europe) is a communications campaign aiming to promote ICT entrepreneurship among young Europeans by fighting against fear of failure often preventing aspiring entrepreneurs from starting up. Through our platform, users or “FACErs” have access toonline and offline events an entrepreneurial blog, web series, and interviews featuring ICT´stop entrepreneurs sharing their start-up story (fears, failures, successes…).

Through gamification, users are rewarded, fosteringa sense of community and promoting a risk taking attitude among young Europeans.

Value Proposition

Identify most common fears between European entrepreneurs.

Encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and all those who are embarking.

Prepare a final road map

Helping overcome the fear of failure among youngEuropean, byengaging renowned entrepreneurs during the campaign to address fear of failure and openly discuss it.

FACE promotes the creation of new ICT Startups by reinforcing a message in favor of a culture of entrepreneurship where failures is seen as part of the natural process

A learning journeythat encourages and promotes an active online community, sharing real life experience, top of the line interviews, videos and other media content.


  • Creation of an Advisory Board composed of a panel of seven experts of different profiles (mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, accelerator and legal).
  • The Delphi report created by experts of the entrepreneurial eco system establishes the most common fear among European on starting up.
  • 6 major fears: Financial Fear, Career Fear, Social Fear, Self Perception Fear, Fear of losing it all and lose of personal freedom.
  • 7 events in 7 European cities where fear of failure is relevant: (Madrid, London, Dublin, Munich, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Prague.)
  • Targeting young Europeans interested in new technologies and entrepreneurship.
  • Helping create lasting business connection between young starting entrepreneurs and more experienced entrepreneurs.
  • A web series that follows the entrepreneurial challenges of four young Europeans creates a new way to interact with the online community.
  • More than a 100 quality interviews with top of the line entrepreneurs.
  • GrupoSecuoya is coordinating the project supported by Telefónica Open Future & Microsoft Bizspark.


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