Launching European Startup Finder 2.0

About one year ago, StartupEuropeClub launched the Startup Finder to create a transparent and easy way to navigate all things tech in Europe. Now we are launching a major upgrade with a 2.0 version.


What’s new:

  • User login: you can now log in with your Dealroom or LinkedIn credentials and put your own startup on the map. We already have mapped most companies ourselves. So look it up and claim ownership!
  • Faster performance and better user interface: you will notice that the site is much quicker and easier to filter using free text search or drop-down menus.
  • More data: analytics, and more company per data.
  • Companies nearby: every company profile shows you a list of companies nearby.
  • Find important places (workspaces, accelerators, government services).
  • And much more!


How to use the Startup Finder?

  • Make sure your startup is accurately depicted on the database so that others (investors, corporates, potential future hires) can find you.
  • Stay updated on recent funding rounds and trends.
  • Filter companies by industry, business model, size or growth.
  • Navigate companies nearby.
  • For any company, quickly look up: the team, the size, the business, who are their closest peers, investors, recent rounds in that industry, analytics, and more!
  • For any investor, quickly look up: the team, their focus, their portfolio, whoe they co-invest with and more!


Here are a few more use cases for the Startup Map:


  • You have a meeting scheduled: use the map to find where the company is, read up about it and its peers before you meet them, and find out which other companies are in the same area!
  • You are looking for a coworking space, accelerator or another place: use the map and filter by places!
  • You are looking for a cool place to work: browse by industry, funding data, and more!
  • You are an investor and want to see what’s happening in Europe: there are endless possibilities to filter and find what you are looking for.
  • You have an idea for a new venture and want to see if there is someone already doing so.
  • You want to create a startup, and are looking for inspiration or just want to see what’s there.


Where is the data coming from?

We collaborate with, an Amsterdam based startup that is creating an Open Data platform about all things tech. The data is coming from three sources:

  1. Over 8,000 contributors across Europe (founders, VCs, journalists, bloggers)
  2. Machine learning (using computers to find to discover emerging technologies)
  3. Manual curation by a team of analysts