iLINC is the European Network of Law Incubators. Its main objective is to facilitate the provision of free legal support to start-ups while, at the same time, offering postgraduate law students the opportunity to engage in professional practice in the fast-moving and highly exciting world of technology start-ups.

This website serves both start-ups and ‘law incubators’ i.e. those entities wishing to provide legal support to start-ups. Importantly, it serves as a bridge by helping to bring the start-ups and law incubators together as well as providing both communities with a rich set of resources to support the many facets of providing high-quality legal support.

Through direct engagement of postgraduate law students in helping start-ups to address a broad spectrum of legal challenges, iLINC is pushing back the boundaries of legal education. In short, iLINC is helping to create both the companies and lawyers of tomorrow.

Value Proposition

In general terms, a law (or legal) clinic is a nonprofit law practice that serves the public interest. The iLINC law incubators are university-based entities that focus on providing free legal support to ICT start-ups. With a strong prevalence in the US, law clinics originated as a method of practical teaching of law school students. The academic clinics are usually directed by clinical professors.

The iLINC European Network of Law Incubators invites you to participate in a survey designed to achieve a better understanding of the legal issues and challenges that start-ups face and how start-ups deal with them. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and iLINC will use your response to better understand the market and improve the operation of Law Incubators (Clinics) for start-ups.





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