Hurry up! Application for the Startup Scaleup First Acceleration Programme 2015 ends on July 17

Startup Scaleup is open for applications for the First Acceleration Programme 2015 on F6S, if you want to take you startup to the next level you can´t miss this opportunity!

Currently 1.9 billion devices are connected to the Internet (IoT) and this number is expected to reach 9 billion worldwide by 2018, this is the time to get involved, especially if you are in Europe, to build one of the IoT´s biggest ecosystems.


How can you join this journey?

By becoming a Startup Scaleup Project team member, because the Startup Scaleup Acceleration Program will provide you the foundation that you and your team need to reach your goals, week in week out over the following six months. You’ll get to meet other local teams, set KPIs and strengthen the fundamentals that will help you to take your product to the next stage and scale your startup.

You will be able to take part in events and other activities, at least once every two weeks, that will help you to make sure you’re on target and getting the help you need. For the six month period, you’ll have access to a wealth of IoT tailor-made courses, tools and resources that will prepare your team for scaling up significantly, from business growth and international expansion to getting your product ready and being investor magnets.

If this is not enough, you’ll even have a mentor assigned, a seasoned entrepreneur that took the same steps you are taking, to help your startup grow and grow quickly.

So if you want to scale your company enrol now and apply by clicking and enjoy the ride.

About Startup-Scaleup Project

Startup Scaleup Project is the 6 month IoT accelerator of Startup Europe powered by the European Commission. The project is combining physical and virtual acceleration, and looking for talented startups aspiring to take their business to the next level and expanding to international markets.

Startup Scale Project is building a European ecosystem connecting the players of four consolidated entrepreneurial hubs (Cartagena, Dublin, Vilnius and Zoetermeer) in order to provide a greater range and quality services to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow companies focused on the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS).

Startup Scaleup is run by the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Crosspring Lab, Open Coffee Club Lithuania, the Ryan Academy, F6S and BluSpec.
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