Startup Lighthouse

What is Startup Lighthouse?

Startup Lighthouse provides support in acceleration and scaling up abroad. The initiative paves the way for European startups by organising 8 Deep Dive Weeks in 4 different ecosystems. These have connected over 1,600 different ecosystem players and culminate in the Startup Lighthouse Awards each year.

Startup Lighthouse's main activities

Startup Lighthouse's in numbers


679 ecosystem builders participated in Deep Dive Weeks


12 public authorities open to working with startups


322 1:1 startup-investor meetings


1429 client, partner or investor leads


33 new products launched


42% average turnover increase


€1.5 million raised in investment so far

Startup Lighthouse highlights

Here are some stand-out achievements from the companies who took part in Startup Lighthouse:


(formally Wego) receives €50k in investment.


raised an undisclosed amount in the millions in their seed round.

Precision Navigation Systems

wins the Fifty Founders Battle at TechChill.

Startup testimonials

Marco Filippi

CEO and founder of Wego Europe (a vehicle sharing app)

“Though starting micro is important, it is important thinking big as well; in fact a startupper has to have a bold vision for the future in order to know which path to follow. Startup lighthouse was perfect for Wego to implement this”

Simon Litvinov

CEO of Precision Navigation Systems (developing software and hardware solutions using global navigation satellite systems technology)

“We are looking forward to 2019, as things are moving fast in Europe there are a lot of opportunities and Startup Lighthouse opens doors to many of them.”