DISCOVER THE 2017 CHALLENGE: Ideation Hackathon Weekend

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DISCOVER THE 2017 CHALLENGE: Ideation Hackathon Weekend

June 9, 2017 - June 11, 2017


9-10-11 June 2017

Making customer journeys effortless for the client through co-creation with startups.

When you mix the bold innovation of today’s tech startups with the insights and resources of a forward-thinking         banking group, amazing things happen.
BNP Paribas is committed to working side by side with today’s savviest tech entrepreneurs to unlock creativity and     apply breakthrough solutions to real-life situations in order to make life easier for our customers.



  BNP Paribas Fortis is focusing the hacks of the event around 4 different themes

   1. New ways of interacting with clients (B2C)

  How new techs can shape the interactions our clients have with the bank:
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • ChatBot
  • Integrating our offers in social media & third party platforms
  • ROBOT (physical robot focus, not ‘process automation/robotics)

Today, people are used to have what they need on the spot, available in just two clicks. The internet giants have fix a   new level playing the field in terms of services and our customers expect the same from their bank. Most of them no   longer understand why they should take an afternoon off in order to get an appointment with their banker.

  Banks need to leverage one the latest technologies to allow interactions to happen anywhere & any time when the    customer need it the most. These moments of truth should be serviced by every means possible                  (AI/VR/Robot/Chatbot/…)

2. Offer new e-services to our Wealth & Private banking clients (B2C)

  • Share your investment with Friends
  • Facilitate informal investment club
  • E-vault & Account aggregation
  • New way of visualisation for your portfolio
  • Crowdfunding
  • Donation
  • Facilitate philanthropic actions

My shopping experience has drastically changed the last few years and I except the same from my private bank.          However, except for the basic banking services I need to dedicate a lot of time to manage all the aspects of my  finance (investing, credit, searching info, finding opportunities, structure, understand, handling documents….). My  time is definitely precious and I would like my bank to facilitate and aggregate all the services around my finance. I  also like to be implicated in the opinions of my peers and the trends in the wealth community.

 3. Internet of things & Sharing Economy: how will they transform equipment assets/finance? (B2B)

 The Internet of things enables  objects to collect and exchange data.  Then, it should be possible to collect data from  the asset that is financed through our leasing company and to adapt the equipment according to the use.  With  keeping in mind that after the duration period of the finance, the capital needs to be recomposed for 100%.  Our B- 2-B customers are demanding more convenience and tailored solutions. With that in mind, how could the Sharing  Economy impact the way our clients use and finance an asset ? How could the Internet of things improve the  services we offer to them?  We are thinking about pay per use, being able to predict future investments of our  partners, and keep track of reparation and maintenance cycles.

 4. Companies simply do only use 10% of their brain

Urban legend or not? Most companies today are looking for ways to unlock the potential in what they know about  their clients, markets, businesses… Are there secret patterns to discover and interpret? Which yet to be designed algorithm could support their strategic decisions? How to anonymise company data to the extent that it still remains a friendly and eligible asset?  How to responsibly marry a client’s privacy with the exploitation of the valuable information he represents?

A lot of hurdles exist in this rat race to go from prophecy to profit, yet that only makes Data Analytics the most interesting field to innovate. So, join our hackathon and come up with your great ideas, algorithms and methods to exploit the other 90% of our brains.


There is simply no opportunity like this for tech entrepreneurs.
The International Hackathon weekend is just the beginning of a close collaborative partnership between talented startups and BNP Paribas.


This international competition brings together 4 business lines and 10 entites from across BNP Paribas’ global footprint to create an experience that is incredible, intense and rewarding. Selected startups participate in a truly international event, as the hackathon will take place simultaneously across 8 cities, spanning from San Francisco to Istanbul. During 48 hours, teams have worked on real-life challenges, in fierce competition, to create game-changing solutions. And that was just the beginning! Winning teams have secured a place in the Digital Bootcamp, where they have access to experts and mentors from BNP Paribas to help accelerate your solution.


The BNP Paribas International Hackathon aims to be the best event of its kind. Through 4 exciting stages, it first encourages a hothouse of innovation at the Hackathon weekend, then channels the most promising projects through a Digital Bootcamp, followed by Demo day- live in Paris, with BNP Paribas top management – culminating in the selection of a few winners that will be supported during the implementation of their solutions.

June 9-10-11 2017

It all started with an exclusive hackathon event in each of the 8 participating cities connected to each other. Each participating team was invited to focus on pre-identified challenges. They were given privileged access to external experts as well as a unique suite of resources to help them prototype: fresh customer insights, a sandbox API, as well as our top experts ranging from marketing executives to IT architects.

July-November 2017

The most promising teams then move on to a Digital Bootcamp where they have their prototypes nurtured. Here, they are being treated to even more resources to take their concept to the next level: financial support and access to a customised support program, including access to our international network of experts and mentors.

December 2017

After a period of development, teams are flown to Paris for Demo day where executive committee of BNP Paribas’ global footprint will meet them, as well as international FinTech experts, to see their demo in action. This could be their day to hit the big time. The winners at the Demo Day will be given a letter of intent from executive of BNP Paribas and start a new adventure in partnership with BNP Paribas.


Hard work has paid off! Winning teams will benefit from BNP Paribas’ farreaching resources, expertise and support to do something amazing! We will work with them to take their prototype and turn it into a real solution that can change the face of banking by making life easier for our customers.


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