The European Digital Forum is a platform dedicated to empowering web entrepreneurs and growing Europe’s digital economy. It is led by the Lisbon Council and Nesta, in collaboration with the European Commission.

Startup Europe University Network (SEUN) is an initiative which aims
to create a European community of universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurship perspective. The network members work together to improve entrepreneurial programmes, connect universities to the wider startup ecosystem and generate new collaboration/project/research opportunities between universities.

The LIFE project is about collaborative learning from failure in entrepreneurship and collaborative actions to bring entrepreneurship forward. It aims to overcome distributed markets and decentralized policy by providing access to pan-European case stories, talent & relevant expertise, to sufficient financing and to adequate facilities & networks.

MY-WAY aims at enhancing and improving the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship initiatives (hubs, projects, accelerator networks, contests, etc.), web/business experts (accelerators, mentors, etc.), educational actors (business teachers and trainers) and the young adults as the final beneficiaries (through student networks and student entrepreneurship centres).

WeHubs will support women web entrepreneurs in Europe and coordinate existing web entrepreneurs’ ecosystem to provide dedicated services to women. The project will create a favorable environment for women entrepreneurs by linking together local fragmented ecosystem nodes and foster networking.

The Accelerators Assembly aims to support and promote web-friendly accelerators in Europe, delivering an industry-led forum with maximum pan-European reach and impact, in order to increase awareness of the existing accelerator programmes in EU and their benefits among web entrepreneurs, to attract other accelerators to support web businesses to grow the overall number of web-friendly accelerators in Europe

The SEP Forum works with a community of investors in web businesses and mobile tech, in order to foster the emergence of startup champions in Europe. Activities around angel/seed/venture capital and corporate venturing will be the key of the network.

This network aims at Fostering Web Talent in Europe by encouraging the use of Massive Open Online Courses focused on web skills by establishing creation of a network of universities and business schools in Europe interested in developing MOOCs for web talent.

The SE Unicorns Forum gathers a European community of “Billion-Euro” startups. This network will bring together the members of the SE Unicorns forum to share best practices, understand global web entrepreneurship trends and reflect on future models for supporting entrepreneurs.

The network will organize regular meetings and workshops, with the objective to discuss best practices in Tech coverage, to share views and stories concerning the different European digital ecosystems, to raise awareness among the general public of the importance of the digital economy.

Convene a diverse European community of entrepreneurs by bringing together Young European Disrupters at summits, regional events, leadership development programmes and community-organized gatherings around the Europe. EDs are encouraged to learn from each other, and with each other, in a search for forward-looking and innovative solutions to present-day problems. ED events are dynamic, interactive gatherings that focus on collaboration across traditional “divides” and where every participant is an active one.

iLINC is the European Network of Law Incubators. Its main objective is to facilitate the provision of free legal support to start-ups while, at the same time, offering postgraduate law students the opportunity to engage in professional practice in the fast-moving and highly exciting world of technology start-ups.

EU-XCEL is a new virtual accelerator which seeks out talented, aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) to participate in a unique international entrepreneurship experience focused on creating and supporting European teams to become incubator-ready entrepreneurs.

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Interested to travel across Europe?
STARTIFY7 is a Horizon2020 project from the European Commission aimed at training young future ICT entrepreneurs in Europe. It organizes 7 thematically focussed Summer Academies in 7 different European cities that follow a lean-training structure and emphasise strong team-building as well as learning-by-doing processes.
This summer, three thematic Entrepreneurship Academies will be held in
Sheffield (UK), Trento (Italy) and Nuremberg & Munich (Germany).

Would you like to start your innovative (tech) company in the creative industry? Enroll in the Utrecht Summer Academy to gain a solid and hands-on introduction to the entrepreneurial dimensions of technology driven innovation in the creative industries.
You will study theories and practices that demonstrate the value of creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial behavior in the creative industries, such as the gaming and interaction industry.

The SEC2R event will mark the launch of this new network that shall gather all EU regions actively engaged in promotion of startups and entrepreneurship and interested to cooperate and develop joint actions with other regions for this purpose.